Data Reconstruction

by Nathan Stout (of

We had a Hematics (blood bank) server crash and die on Monday (at work) and we have been scrambling to get it back up and running. Luckily I had set up the backup on it months back and we had useful data saved. I wish I had done that with my personal hard drive back before it crashed. BTW I have linked all the hard drive blogs into the original blog for ease of reading.

Anyway I finally got all the RMA issues resolved with the new hard drive raid array. I had to send back hard drives from the RMA itself as well! It was a big mess but it has all been ironed out. Once I got all the hard drives installed into the array I started configuring the array into a raid 5 array and to format the 4 terabyte hard drives into one 2.7 terabyte raid array. The build time to set this up was a whopping 30 hours! Luckily I could pause the build at any point (I didn’t want to have the hard drives running for 30 hours straight). After a couple of weeks of doing this (it was all happening during our move too) the drive finished. After it finished Windows would not see it. I was so frustrated! After doing ALOT of troubleshooting I finally deleted the raid array and started again with a smaller array which only took 17 hours to build. That one went successfully and I began to copy data over to it.

Although I lost ALOT of stuff during the crash I had alot more spread out on different hard
drives and locations. I began to reconstruct all the folders and putting the data I still had back into those folders. I restored all the season 2 and 3 folders and finally began with the season 1 stuff (not to mention my 28 gigs of personal data stuff).

I am almost done transferring all data to the new array (with the exception of the MP3s I have) and then I will begin doing some prep work for our new *secret* project coming soon. Ok, its not that secret but it is something new. Ofcourse I will be working on season 2 and 3 as well.

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