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by Nathan Stout (of

Well, we went trendy… we went Facebook. I am sure that now we have joined the ranks Facebook will be the new MySpace and people will abandon it with gusto.

I’m not real sure why we put it off so long. There wasn’t much reason. I mean everyone seems to use (and give out TMI) on Facebook so it seems like the perfect venue for promotion.

We live in a day and age of the interwebs. One of the things I have become privy to working with marketing people at my job is the use of Social Media in marketing. Social Media simply means websites like:

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Pukebox (I just made that up)

In new contacts and services offered by marketing groups Social Media marketing has become the hot ticket. It is everywhere. Apparently it works too. Its just another venue for promotion (a cheap one at that) so it is SUPER popular. One part of a marketing agreement I saw when dealing with our Bariatric’s marketing was the promise that this marketing company would spend 3 hours daily on Social Media. They didn’t. How in the world can you spend 3 hours promoting on Social Media per day? I guess they consider farming on FarmFishTownVille apart of their marketing action plan.

I talked to Chris about the whole thing and he made sure I was going to get an actual ‘organization’ page and not just another ‘user’ page. He has heard that organizations (shows, bands, groups, etc) who just make a new ‘user’ account (so people can ‘friend’ them as opposed to ‘like’ them) get the ire of other users. People don’t like that sort of thing for some reason. When I set up the account I made sure I was adding an ‘organization’ so people could ‘like’ use.

I continued to put it off since I liked having our website the main ‘hub’ for all things Whim but finally gave in and made the page. I then promptly forgot about it after uploading some pictures on it.

I got back into the page and posted the links to the new video we made at Hangman’s House of Horrors as well as the Post about it. I guess what pushed me to getting back on the whole Facebook thing was the creation of the new material.

Chris has this dream that one day we can have our own Wiki-poo-poo page and you need to be fairly ‘out there’ to get one. This seems like a nice step in that direction.

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  1. Actually Facebook was the first major social networking site and was actually more popular than MySpace when it first came out. Then everybody gravitated towards MySpace and Facebook wasn't so popular. Now Facebook it hot again. But I still don't think it has quite as many features as MySpace.

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