Thoughts on Random Songs

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

[I’m technically posting this on the 10th for the 9th. I had one of those weekends where because of work and other things, I was only home to sleep. If I had woke up Sunday and not had to run right out the door, I would have either moved Nathan’s post up to the 9th and probably posted this to the 10th, or if I had time I would have just posted this. Not such a great post. The first day of the ten weeks, my laptop crapped out. I had to borrow my dad’s to do my writing for the day. I had nothing to write about for the blog, so I just wrote this for something to put down. I actually thought it would end up being my fourth reserve post, and I guess in a way it was.]

I’m listening to the radio. I don’t much listen to the radio these days. I prefer to hear music online or loans from friends or even the old standby of my own collection. At some point, all the stations started sounding even more alike than they did years ago. It just wasn’t working for me anymore. I listen to a station called Jack, which can be found at 100.3 in Dallas, Texas. It’s not a station like I normally seek out that plays music that I’ve never heard. It’s quite the opposite. I’ve heard pretty much everything many, many times in my life. I still listen to plenty of music that I’ve not heard before, but I do it online.

The best idea I have for a blog post right now is to list the songs they play for a half hour and talk about them. It’s been a long night. My laptop crapped out. I’ll tell you about it later.

“Fame” by David Bowie – At the turn of the hour, this song was playing. Remember that laptop I discussed. I had a pretty cool playlist going of Duran Duran B-Sides that I’ll have to rebuild when I get a new laptop. I didn’t have their cover of this song on there. The odd thing about this song is that it’s very good, and I like it a lot, but I’m always somewhat halfhearted about listening to it, and that goes for Duran Duran’s version a little more.

“San Something” by Everclear – This is one of those groups that always sound like themselves. Like Tool always sounds like Tool. Like Godsmack always sounds like Alice in Chains. But Everclear is a good group, so that’s all that counts. [It’s called “Santa Monica” by the way.]

Commercials – Generally are boring, but there is the occasional interesting spot. This break was nice and short.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘n’ Roses – What a waste of a band. This first album was pretty amazing, and then after that they were hit and miss, and then after that they were pretty much all miss. Then they, or rather he since Axl is pretty much it now, took 13 years to release an album, “Chinese Democracy.” This was in November of 2008. Let’s see 2008 + 13 = 2021. I’ll listen to “Chinese Democracy” in November 2021.

“Blue Monday” by New Order – One of the greatest lines in music, “I see a ship in the harbour, I can and shall obey.” Harbour. Shallow bay. It’s word play, but it works very well. I’ve rattled on at least a few times about how all these new bands want to claim that they’re influenced by Joy Division, and if they are then great, but I’m happy to claim New Order as a much bigger influence, even if they were created from the death of Joy Division.

“Head Games” by Foreigner – Lou Gramm is one of those singers that I am truly envious of. He has a very unique voice, and uses it so well. Foreigner will never be on my list of favourite bands, but Lou Gramm could be on my list of favourite singers somewhere.

Um, I think this is UB40. I just know I don’t like the song. It’s that one that’s like “‘Ear I am baby, come on and take me, take me by the ‘and.”

“Nobody’s Fool” by Cinderella – It managed to come on right at 2:29, so it makes my list. Cinderella was proof that the glam rock genre didn’t have to be dumb. Miguel never liked the “Heartbreak Station” era, possibly because it was very hard to follow up an album as good as “Long Cold Winter.” Miguel declared that anytime a band says they’re getting back to their roots, it means, “Our new albums sucks.” For the record I though “Heartbreak Station was a good album. “Nobody’s Fool” is from “Night Songs” by the way. I got distracted.

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