Trainwreck Idol – Too Much Work

by Chris “What’s This Day Off of Which You Speak” McGinty (According To Whim .com)

I bet you’re like, “What? Are you saying it’s too much work to watch a show, make some notes, and write some thoughts about it? Slacker!”

Nah, dat ain’t whut ah mean. I’ve worked a lot of hours over the last so many weeks, and somewhere along the way the concept of a day off disappeared with my free time. I finally got a day off, and so I refrained from putting up a post for today so I could make it an American Idol article. I would have posted something else if I was called in. Luckily, I wasn’t.

This article will be devoted to the last audition show and the first Hollywood Week show, which were shown two weeks ago… my poor lack of a life.

We’ll start with the last audition show, which I saw about a week ago, and had very few notes about, but I almost wouldn’t mind skipping it. There were some good people who have proved to be worth sending through, but I was a bit tired of auditions, I think

The show started with some girl who has videos on You Tube named Inessa Lee. I decided I would have to look her up at some point. She did a shower video. Why not? Well, I did look her up later, and what I found was a little surprising. Her music isn’t good in the classic sense where you say, “Hey, this is good,” but more like you might try to defend a David Hasselhoff album if you were forced to in debate club. I think what surprised me is that she’s already starting a career on her own, and the fact that they told her no is a testament to the fact that they toughened up a little bit after those first couple of weeks, because they sent through some very mediocre to bad singers. And this girl fits the mediocre range

Then they did three in a row that got sent through. They did it really fast, and I just didn’t care enough to go through it to decide from little snippets what I think.

Stefano was good. I’m calling Top 12, but not as surely as I was about Casey last article. I almost said last week. But that was 12 days ago.

You know, I’m not even sure what city these auditions were in. I must have been very tired that day.

Clint was good, even if he reminds me of someone else who isn’t one of my favourite people in existence. I wrote that I was calling Top 12 for him as well in my notes. We’ll see.

Drew was this guy who came out in a Go-Bot outfit, and sang Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild.” It was amusing, but I think they said no to him. Then I saw the Autobot decal. Turns out he was a Transformer after all.

Then they did another montage of those who got through. They were wasting too much time on the crap

Julie was this girl from Columbia. She was very good. The judges were talking about her possibly winning. I’m not sure I think she was that very good. To be fair, if she makes it well into Top 12 then they were basically right. Who will win the competition is a very tough call really early on.

Emily was kind of Tanya Donnelly looking, but not as cute as Tanya Donnelly. Not saying that Emily isn’t cute, but I just have a thing for Tanya Donnelly. She had very odd voice. She’s a big maybe, as in maybe she could do well, but maybe she can’t go all the way.

James cried too much and I don’t know why he was sent through.

And now on to the first Hollywood Week. This was the week where they say, “You get one chance, and if we don’t like your performance, you’re out.”

Remember the first article I wrote about this mess? I said that it seemed to me they sent a lot of people through. Ryan started the show saying that there were twice as many contestants. He made it sound like it was because there was such an amazing amount of talent this year, but it’s because they didn’t have Simon saying phrases like, “No,” “No,” and No.” And occasionally, “No.”

I’m going to fly through this one. I’m just going to deal with who made it though Round One and who didn’t with very little commentary. Either next article, or the article after that, I will go back through my previous articles and see how my opinions have added up so far.

Who made it through:

Brett, Rachel, Thia, Casey (of course), Paris, James, Lauren (the blonde, there was a dark haired Lauren that I don’t think was on audition shows who made it too), Chris Medina (who I assigned a last name to because he’s named Chris, and may be the only Chris in the competition this year… strange), Jacee, Robbie, Hollie, Rob, Chelsee, Jacqueline (the one who is the girlfriend of the Nick guy who didn’t make it, there is a Jacqueline who didn’t make it) Scotty, Jackie, Jerome, Tiffany, Clint, Julie, the Gutierrez brothers (both) Molly, Emily, and Stefano. And I’m sure this list is missing people because I don’t see James anywhere and he made it through… still crying. Oh wait, he’s between Paris and Lauren on the list… still crying.

I’m sorry to say that Ashley, the girl who wants to be Brittney Spears, didn’t make it through. Actually, I mean to say that I’m sorry I can’t say that. She made it through, and I don’t understand why.

Victoria Huggins (the one I said reminded me of Yeardley Smith) didn’t make it. Neither did Stormi, Steve “Big Goon,” Sarah, Jacqueline, Heidi, Nick, or Travis.

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