That ‘I need to do something with my life’ feeling

by Nathan Stout (of According To

It is getting to be that time again when I am starting to get that feeling that I need to do something with my life. I can’t tell you what that something is because I am not sure myself. I am not looking for fame or anything like that. There is just this feeling that I should be farther along in life than this. Most people my age already have some nice savings in the bank, less debt, and a real life goal. Now that goal might be something like ‘own a lake house’ or ‘be to all NBA post season games’ or something but at least those guys have something. I am not sure what I want to do.

The more I think about it I guess my leanings have been in the entrepreneurial field. I like having a business. One thing that makes me think twice about that as my goal is the fact that it’s not about making a profit. It seems to be more of a hobby thing. As you know by now Chris and I have had a business which included a comic book shop. It was a fun and fantastic experience (even for all its ups and downs).

A while back Chris and I discussed lifetime goals (along with our yearly and 10 weeks goals) and my goals were more along the lines of being healthy, wealthy, and happy. Everyone has this goal but there should be more than this, right? Some people are content to be the cogs in the machine and for the most part I am cool with that, however I get this nagging every once in awhile that I should be more than this. I have explored this theme in my script for Season 2. My character gives that same argument, being more than a cog in the great wheel of life.

I am pretty sure that one of Chris’ goals (besides being cool) is to be famous (to a degree). I have no issue with that. One of the reasons we are good friends is the fact that our wish to obtain something greater than ourselves and using things like goals to accomplish this align closely. They might be very different goals (when my goal actually shows its head) but they are close enough to work to our mutual advantage.

I have no wish to be uber famous. Somewhat famous (even locally) is cool with me. Is it a primary life goal of mine, nah. Being rich, that is a goal I like. My main goal wouldn’t need to be ‘be rich’ but it would be nice to be without need. Perhaps a better goal for me might be something like: ‘have enough money to live comfortably without the need for a job’.
Perhaps my goal is to have many smaller goals completed. Chris and myself came up with ‘lesser’ goals (but still big). They are more like five and ten year goals. I was a little more serious with my long term goals (like getting a 4 year degree) as opposed to Chris’ more flippant ones (like organizing a butts-up tournament). Maybe getting these goals are the goals I need to accomplish.

This sort of self review is an ongoing process and just the act of writing about my search for them is some progress towards them. As soon as I figure out what I want to do with my life, rest assured you will be reading about it here.

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