Trainwreck Idol – So Many Contestants…

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

The second Hollywood Week show, Drama Week, is a little… What? Ok, officially it’s called Group Week. Group Week is a little tougher to take notes about. You have anywhere from 3 to 5,688 people on stage… Sorry, I think the biggest the group can be is five. It’s still hard to keep up with watching it through without pausing and running it back. I refuse to pause and run it back, unless I really like a performance, or I think I missed something really important. In other words, this won’t be very detailed. It will probably be missing names and other information.

One bit of information that is important to me is that at the start of the show there were still 168 contestants. Why? Oh yeah. No Simon.

They did some odd thing where they told them that each group had to have day one and day two contestants. They said it was because people had started to form groups on day one once they knew who was staying and who was going home. They seemed to think that it gave day one contestants an unfair advantage. What I don’t understand is why they don’t assign groups randomly. Oh yeah, because it’s not drama enough. But if you wanted to make it entirely fair for every group so that no one had a head start that would be the easiest way to do it.

And speaking of drama, Tiffany pissed everyone off with some comment she made in the previous Hollywood show. She basically got up and said that she was tired of listening to people do a poor job of what she could do well. I guess everyone thought she meant all of them (and maybe she did) and literally all the groups shunned her, and when she tried starting her own group, she only found one girl who was willing to join her. They had to make an exception for them to allow them to have a two person group.

Scotty just wouldn’t join anyone. I’m not even sure why. He would walk up to groups and ask them what song they were doing and sometimes ask them to sing, and then he’d go find another group. It did work out for him though.

There was a group called The Minors, who were all 16 and younger, and were working with their moms. The bit was kind of funny. One of the other groups was saying that having the moms helping them was an unfair advantage. They all get visited by a voice coach, so I’m not sure I get the complaint.

Rob, Chelsee, and Jacqueline were in a group together, and there was a big deal made about the fact that Nick wasn’t in the group. They had been pushing the “couple and the ex-couple” thing so hard by making them roommates and the only reason I wonder about this is because I thought they were all day two. Maybe they edited the show to show their acapella performances back to back, and it just looked that way.

I’m sorry to say that Ashley, the girl who wants to be Brittney Spears, didn’t make it through. Actually, I mean to say that I’m sorry that her boyfriend talked her down and convinced her to get back in the group. She made it through, and I don’t understand why.

Clint, who I was saying I was trying not to dislike because he looked like someone else, made a case for me to wonder about him. He got kind of diva about who could be in his group. He booted Jacee and didn’t want Scotty. There was a big deal made about it later in the show. Jacee joined group who had no day two contestant.

Then this guy name Jordan made an even better diva case than Clint. He was turning everyone away, and building what he thought was the best group, and then he left them and joined another group.

Then Steven Tyler gave the contestants the advice to, “Use your illusion.” ??? That’s not Aerosmith. He’s supposed to only be speaking in Aerosmith lyrics. Crazy.

Ok, real quick here just from my notes (as incomplete as they are).

Pia, Allessanda, and Brielle. Very good and all made it.

Jordan, Robbie, and three others all went through. They didn’t say the others, or I missed their names.

Adrian, Lauren, Turner, Erica, and Shane all through. They did C Lo Green’s “Fuck You.” Or rather the radio friendly version “Forget You.” It was pretty good. Later another group did the song, and the girl dropped the S-bomb (bleeped, of course.) Randy acted like he was surprised. There are so many potentially offensive phrases in that song. Really? You’re surprised?

Tiffany and Jessica both got sent home, and it wasn’t even just politics in this case. They didn’t sound good.

Then Steven Tyler pulled a Garth, and got behind the drum set. We’re not worthy?

Giovani and Karen made it.

Then an all girl group did, “Some Kind of Wonderful” singing it to Steven Tyler, and it was good, but only Lauren made it. No one else did. It was probably the call I most disagreed with the whole night.

Colton, Matt, and others. Not good. Only Colton made it.

Shannon, Briana, Janelle, Alyson, Caitlin, Paris, Emily, Courtney, and Aaron Guiterez all didn’t make it. They did that as a montage I think.

Ashley’s group made it, which means that Ashley, the girl who wants to be Brittney Spears, made it. *sigh* It was admittedly the best I’ve heard her sing the whole competition.

James, Emma, Danny, John, and Caleb. Only Caleb and James made it. I was disappointed about Emma. I admit she wasn’t the strongest singer in the competition, but I was hoping she would get further. Farther? Eh. Move on.

The Minors all made it. And they weren’t that good.

Hollie and Corey made it

Two different groups did an Acapella version of “Get Ready.” Eh. Neither performance was all that good. Many of them made it through though.

Brett, Jacee, Denise Stevie, and Natalie all made it through

Clint, Frances, Scotty, and Monique all made it. Scotty ended up crying because he didn’t stick up for Jacee when Clint was kicking him out.

Rob, Chelsee, and Jacqueline performed, and Rob got sent home. He should have never put himself in the position of having to work with his ex. He acted like a little bitch boy the whole time they were practicing, and then sounded awful when they got on stage.

And the last Hollywood Week. And I’m really trying to write a real article here, but I’ll probably skim through this too.

Two things: First, it doesn’t seem that this was the last Hollywood week, kind of. I’ll deal with that in a minute. Second, this was another solo week, but with the band behind them if they chose, and they could play an instrument too. Oh, and three… sorry, I have no real idea who went home. The following are just my opinions. I’ll explain more in a minute.

Haley forgot words in group? Why she still there? They always say, “Don’t forget the words or your out,” and then they always send someone through who forgot the words. She’s not bad, but I’m not sure I liked her performance.

Ashton was a girl who I don’t think has gotten any real screen time yet. I really liked her.

Thia was still really good

Adrian and Caleb both got lost in their words and Frances sounded bad.

Clint was not bad. It seemed a little over done this performance.

Kendra was ok.

Sophia was ok

Chris and Carson both did “My Prerogative.” Carson has the performance thing down. Chris seemed to sound good, but they barely played anything of his performance.

Julie was good.

Caleb was good.

Colton really good.

Brett was ok.

Robbie was ok. They were acting like he was better than I thought.

Casey is still my favourite for making it into Top 12. He played a standup bass, and Randy, being a bassist, was totally digging it. He played pretty well, and he still sings pretty amazing.

Jacqueline bowed out claiming sickness. I don’t even know what to say there.

Chelsee did “Because of You.” I love that song. It wasn’t as good as Kelly Clarkson, but it was ok. That’s something they talk about a lot. When you take on something that is done by a singer that is better than most, and you don’t do better than most, it makes it not sound so good.

Lauren was still really good.

Jacob… I think they didn’t show him until Hollywood weeks (like Ashton) and he’s quite good. I think he’s got a good chance of getting through to Top 12 I’m at least saying top 24 (if that’s what they’re doing this year).

John Wayne… I’ll say it was good but “Landslide” as country? I would never buy a single of anyone doing “Landslide” as a country song. And I said never, so when Martina McBride does it, and you’re going through my collection and there it is between Max Q and Sarah McLachlan, you just point at this paragraph. And be smug about it.

Ashley, the girl who wants to be Brittney Spears. Again with the falling apart… NOOOOOOO! She does not need to be in the competition.

Stefano was not at his best, but he sounded good

Jovanny Not this one. I don’t know what I meant by that.

Jacee was still good.

Scotty forgot the words to Leeann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” and that’s ok, because I always think it’s Leeann Rimes. And I don’t know how Womack or Rimes spell Leeann. But the subtitles were hilarious as he screwed up the song. Tatanysa sounded good doing the same song… but those weren’t the lyrics. Her botched lyrics were at least closer than Scotty’s.

So they separated the mass quantity of contestants into four rooms, and told two rooms that they were going on to next week. I looked it up later and found out that since they still have sixty contestants they’re doing some odd something or another where they go to Las Vegas and sing songs of The Beatles… More Beatles!? They’ve done three Beatles theme nights already in past seasons! We already killed Michael Jackson! Do we need to do more damage?

Anyway, it means that there is another week before the actual competition starts. In fact, as soon as I post this, I will be watching this week’s shows for my Sunday post, and then I will be caught up.

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