Season 2 ‘ The Fix’ Part 6

by Nathan Stout (of

Welcome to the sixth part of the According To Whim Season 2 ‘Fix’. The editing I have been doing is in an attempt to rebuild Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6 of our public access television show: According To Whim (Season 2). Season 3 Episode 1 was also lost so I have included it as well. You can read the first part (and the full story) by clicking on the links above. This will be the last part of ‘The Fix’ where I cover what’s on the tapes.

Tape #20
This tape is full of more Hangman’s House of Horrors that we shot on October 1st. This footage combined with the footage we shot on tape #17 is what we used to make this video, this video, and another video (as well as a private video used at the big end of year party).

Tape #21
This is one of the oldest tapes I have (which wasn’t copied totally over). It has some footage of the Fort Worth Botanical Garden’s 4th of July fireworks show, a taste test Chris and I did of some Halloween edition Jones Sodas, footage from my work (back when there were only 4 of us in the department total), some random footage of different things, and finally an audio only recording of an According To Whim audio show that Miguel was apart of.

Tape #22
This tape (along with #26) was footage of the Wither’s wedding that Miguel and I shot in 2009. This was a co-worker’s daughter’s wedding that was the first big wedding we shot. We had audio issues with the large auditorium and it took us weeks to make it work well enough. Buying a proper wireless microphone is a goal of mine in the next year (at least before May and our interview with the owner of Hangman’s). I wound up only talking like $150.00 on that fiasco. It looks good enough but that audio during the ceremony.

Tape #23
This is my most current tape. So far all that is on this tape is the Tron Vlog review Chris, Loren, and myself did. You can see it here.

Tape #24
This tape has some of the last Hangman’s footage we shot (for the Super Bowl commercial). The other half of the tape is the last sketch Chris and I shot (a month or so back). It is titled ‘Framed’ and is mainly a special effects type sketch. I have no idea how it will turn out but I will give it my best. It was one of the 10 sketches in 10 weeks that was like 25 weeks late. I might be late but I get there in the end!

Tape #25
This whole tape is taken up with an According To Whim audio show that we filmed. Loren came over for a game night and we set up the camera and filmed it and talked at the same time. I doubt this would interesting to anyone except us (and then only slightly).

Tape #26
This is the 2nd tape of the Wither’s wedding.

Tape #27
This is the 3rd tape of the Wither’s wedding.

Tape #28
This tape contains Chris’ first Vlog as well as some of the ’10 sketches in 10 weeks’ footage and an additional Vlog.

Tape #29
This is the 4th tape of the Wither’s wedding.

Tape #30
This final tape has Hangman’s interviews as well the Thrill the World event they put on.

This ends the long-needed review of the my tape collection. Now if you have not been paying attention you might wonder why in the heck I needed to do this. Well, in having to reconstruct Season 2 I needed to go back and retrieve the footage that got lost with the crashing of the hard drive. This was the first step in getting Season 2 back up and running. I needed to look at all the tapes and take off all the bits that were lost.

Join me for the next part of the Season 2 ‘Fix’ when I continue with the editing process. Peace out.

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