My Recent Trip to Nathan’s

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

It’s 7:06 am, Sunday morning, and I seem to be at a loss for anything to write. I have some stuff I could post if I cleaned it up, but damn it, they aren’t time sensitive, so I’d like them to be reserves.

Nathan and I got together on Thursday. We didn’t work on anything particularly According To Whim related. He said something about doing an audio show. I showed him a couple of videos on You Tube first, and then he went and got the Net Runner cards out. I figured we were going to play a couple of games and then do the audio show, but we ended up playing for the rest of the night.

In the Durandatory Duran category, Nathan busted out with my copy of “All You Need Is Now,” which he kindly bought for me (I think on Amazon). Thank you, Nathan. We did discuss doing a review of “All You Need Is Now” as a joint blog. I might start writing that at work tonight. After we listened to that, he put on his copy of “So Red the Rose” which is Arcadia, but basically counts as Duran Duran. In both cases, I heard songs I’d never heard before, all the CD bonus tracks from “All You Need Is Now” and some track that Arcadia did for a movie that wasn’t on the original release of “So Red the Rose.” Very interesting stuff, and a rarity that Nathan heard a Duran Duran track before I heard it. Other notable instances are the “Astronaut” and “Red Carpet Massacre” albums, which he bought before I had a chance to hear.

This did prompt me to look for a CD I bought years ago, but never listened too. John Taylor’s solo album (he’s the bassist, Nathan). It’s called “Feelings Are Good (and Other Lies).” (FAG-AOL) It’s not that I had no interest in hearing it when I bought it. I just, how can I put this delicately? When I buy CDs, I often go the route of the dollar rack, and when I find a particular bounty of good titles, I tend to store some of the CDs away to listen to when I’m in the mood for something new, but either can’t buy something at that moment, or can’t find any good dollar rack finds. I’ve listened to the album once now, on Friday night. It’s very interesting. It’s almost like he released it in 1997, and the future members of The Strokes said, “Let’s start a band and sound just like this.” I’m not sure everyone would like the album, but I’m looking forward to future listens.

I also found my copy of Psychefunkapus’s “Skin” album while I was trying to find the John Taylor CD. Since Nathan’s favourite song in the world is “Surfin’ on Jupiter,” (well, it is barely beat out by “Galactica”) I thought I’d take it out to him when I visit in June. Or if I visit sooner by some odd chance.

Well, I think that’s all I have for now. Hopefully, we’ll get some ATW shooting done soon. I would consider getting up early to go out there, but it’s miserable weather here today. I’ll just sleep a lot instead.

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