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Today’s blog is going to be a cornucopia of topics that could very well fit into my personal Blog: SkippingFrog. Enjoy all these random thoughts and such:

Atomic Fire Balls:

Have you ever had these? They are like Gobstoppers but they are very hot (cinnamon flavor). My mom used to eat these like there was no tomorrow. I could only handle one every once in awhile. The whole reason I wanted to mention them is the awesome name they have. Fire Ball is pretty cool but add Atomic and it raises it to a whole new level of greatness.

Dollar Milk and Strawberries:

Do you remember about a year ago everyone was selling gallon milk at a dollar? There was a glut of cow milk or something and everyone started reducing the price of the gallon to a buck! Those were some great times for cereal lovers. Also about a year ago strawberries were a dollar for a whole package. Lets just say we had quite a bit of those too. I guess they were just in season or something.

Paula Dean’s Heart Attack Casserole:

For Easter lunch my wife made hashbrown casserole which included a whole container of sour cream, a crap load of butter, as well as way too much cheese. It was good but I am sure I’ll be dead in another week from clogged artries.

News Guys Need Dinner Too:

I was watching Fox4 during all the bad weather on Saturday night and they cut back to weather guy from some show or other that was on but it didn’t seem that anyone in the studio realized it. The weather guy is standing there waiting but you can hear the main six o’clock news caster in background asking people what they want from the restrurant he is running to. It was great. It took about a full minute for the weather guy (or anyone there for that matter) to realize they were on the air. A minute doesn’t seem like much but IT IS when you are standing infront of a camera.

99.999 Cent Store:

What the heck is up with that? If you look at any of their sineage it really says 99.999 cents. They gig you for that extra cent but still make it look like they are under a dollar. Infact if you ever shop there you will notice that they sell a lot of stuff that is no where near a dollar.

In Other Dollar Store News:

There is a dollar store at The Parks Mall in Arlington that seems to have given up on the whole idea and has signs all over that state that everything is $1.14 (‘to keep up with costs’).

The Nitpicker’s Guide To Star Trek Books:

I have been listening to The Nit Picker’s Guide To Star Trek The Next Generation for a while now. It is loaded in my tape player down in the shed. When I have to go out there I will listen to it for awhile. It is highly entertaining. The author really does some real nitpicking about the goofs in the series. The books have been out for years but I got ahold of one of the 3 volumes for The Next Generation at the library booksale in Decatur and got hooked.

Ok, well there you go. I hope you enjoyed this very different daily blog post from

Peace out.

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