Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ song

by Nathan Stout (of

If you haven’t already heard and or seen this song… go do it now. When you are back from the toilet, read on. I kid! I kid! I am sure there is worse out there… somewhere.

Don’t watch it yet, read this before you do!

So anyway Rebecca Black is this teen who’s parents are rich. One day Rebecca tells mommy: ‘I want to be famous’. Mommy says: ‘O.K. my dearest, here’s a butt load of money’. Rebecca goes to ARK Music Factory, a company that specializes in giving little Johnny or little Rebecca a song and a video to go with it for a varying prices. You remember that place in Six Flags Over Texas that let you sing a song and make a video of it? It’s like that but in the new digital age. 

Rebecca gets her canned song and makes the video. It instantly becomes a world phenomenon overnight. It is lampooned for being VERY bad. Many complain about the auto tuned madness but most just be hatin’ the lyrics. It’s true, even I can’t help but laugh at the lyrics in this stinker. When you watch it (in a few minutes) you will instantly be disturbed by the lyrics and wonder how anyone could get 12+ million hits, get on Jay Leno, and EVEN GET YOUR PHOTO WITH DURAN DURAN with a song like that.

There is actually quite a back story to this song (in regards to it’s ownership and rights). I thought it would be a simple deal but the words are flying now that it it’s some big stuff. After you watch the video and if you want to know more you can read the sordid tale on the song’s Wikipage. (Yes, I am sure Miguel is happy that I FINALLY cited something on Wikipedi-poo-poo). Take it with a grain of salt. 🙂 Wait a second!!! That song has it’s own Wikipedia page???!! WTF!? Why can’t our television show get it’s own Wikipedia page???

I have to give entrepreneur props to Patrice Wilson for starting ARK Music Factory. He saw a hole in the market (rich parents who want their kids to be famous) and plugging it. As long as he has some lawyers and is savvy when the parents and kids sign agreements he could make some mega money with rights.

Ok, here is the video!

So, how was it? Are we we we so excited yet?

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