The Lost Ten-Weeks and Finding a New Ten-Weeks

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

I went to Nathan’s Wednesday, on a rare day off that only happened because I requested off for a show that didn’t happen. I probably would have called in and told them I could work at midnight, if I had slept before going to Nathan’s. I slept for about fifteen minutes in my truck once I got to Nathan’s, but that didn’t help a whole lot.

We didn’t do anything specific when I went out there. We played some Net Runner, which turned out to be a couple of odd games really. Nathan claims that it was because I was so tired that I wasn’t making good decisions. I don’t agree. I think I was so tired that I wasn’t making good decisions. Ok, maybe I do agree.

We ate and then we went outside so he could water various plants that live on his land rent free. Freeloaders. Nathan and I discussed many things as we watered the plants (literally, not the euphemistic way that would have us pissing on things). We discussed a possible movie project that I can’t really say much about at this point, because we don’t know what we’ll be shooting yet. We just know that we have access to at least one actor that we didn’t before, and maybe others. This is something we will be leaning into and see what happens. The actor in question called today, and asked to speak to me soon about her script. If I get up early enough today I will.

Nathan and I played some more Net Runner, and then we played a few games of Shut the Box. I lost five games in a row. We sat down with some old goals, and discussed the new ten-weeks that starts on July 25, 2011. We really got off task the last ten-weeks, and Nathan wanted to get back on task. He was supposed to post the goals we discussed. When I get home, I’ll see if they are up there, and if they’re worth copy/pasting, or if I should just discuss them broadly.

What I do know is that I need to specifically get on task myself. I’ve been busy the last ten-weeks, and I did do a lot of creative work, but as usual, I need to be a little more clear about what I should be completing and what I do. I may have done more creative work than I set out to do, and I would never know it, because I wasn’t planning it and examining the results. The more likely scenario is that I did less than I set out to do, because I know that when I give myself a To Do List, it often feels like I just can’t squeeze enough time out of my normal day (or night). I get distracted or sidetracked, and I find myself behind. I wanted a perfect year this year, as far as planning and doing went, and anything close to perfect would have been fine, but it’s been very imperfect so far.

I talk about checkpoints and restarting when you get sidetracked, and so that’s what I’m doing now. Nevermind the imperfection of the rest of the year. I’m going to do my best to get it right from this point on.

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