Junkiety Junk Junk

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

Yes, this is another one of those blogs where I talk about stuff in general via bullet points. Being very behind on piratically everything in my life the blog suffers as well. Let’s go!

  • I saw this story about the death of 4 teens in Wise county involved in a head on collision at 3AM (no, they weren’t the living dead, they died after the wreck). My first reaction is… why are 17-19 year olds out at 3AM speeding and passing other vehicles in the middle of nowhere? They should be home in bed. Where are the parents??? I’m sure that is a question the families of these kids will be asking themselves for years to come so I should just shut my mouth.
  • I am getting really behind in school. Nothing critical but my comprehension has suffered.
  • One thing I am not behind on is my preparations to have gutters put on the house. I finished all the painting I wanted to get done before they were installed… only thing is it’s been nearly a month an no word from them. Perhaps I need to light a fire.
  • BTW I bought a new doodad. A 1970 VW Beetle. I SWEAR this is the last one (until I can sell one of them).
  • I got a fancy shelf built in my largest closet so I could move my board games to a more ‘visible’ location so it’s not so much of a pain to go pick a game.
  • I still have projects to do outside including replacing the shed door, getting the fence back up on the side of the house, and getting the trellis rebuilt on the front of the house.
  • It’s been FAR too hot to do anything before 8:30 in the evening. After that I have like thirty minutes to do my work.
  • I accidentally left the water on Saturday night in the pool. It was running (over) for like 10 hours! I don’t want to see that bill. Better start with some overtime.
  • In the political spectrum it’s nice to see fiscal conservatives standing up to the president.
  • You can’t spend your way out of debt… I know this fact, I’ve tried.
  • I finally purchased a game from the App Store on my phone. It’s Fruit Ninja.
  • Since I have spent my cash on the new doodad it’s time to start Ebaying in earnest to get some cash built back up.
  • I see that Silver is back above $40 an ounce. Maybe I need to get ready to sell the other half of my collection.
  • I am toying with the idea of a b2b computer consulting business. A coworker and I have been discussing it. It could be a proper business that would support me if I did it right.
  • In case you didn’t know I have a blog of my own (which is much less writing intensive that this one) over here. Click here.

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