Hangman’s on 9/11

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

On Sunday 9/11 there was a volunteer meeting at Hangman’s House of Horrors. For those of you who don’t know Hangman’s is Fort Worth’s (and the world’s) largest charity haunted house. Hangman’s 2011 season kicks off this Friday!

Miguel and I met up there at 3pm with camera in tow. The owner wanted us to do some interviews of the some of the new people who are going to be working int he haunted house this year. We arrived an hour early so we could discuss the 2011 commercial we are going to shoot this coming Thursday. The commercial will take place in the houses first room (which looks like a library).

After talking about what we planned to do we went outside and waited… and waited… an waited for the owner to come out to being the meeting. She is wayyyyy too busy to do everything she has to do and she always seems late. I think she needs to hire more help.

After the meeting (which started so late that Miguel had to leave for work) everyone at the meeting could tour the main house to see what rooms they might want to act in. I got in the last group and was tortured by our tour guide (who loved to talk). It was verging on 105 inside the house so it was very uncomfortable. I hope it gets cooler before this weekend!

By the time my group got out everyone had gone. There were no new people to interview. The only ones there were the ‘country club set’ (all the oldtimers). Miguel, Chris, and I have discussed why that bothers me (the oldtimers) and how even though Miguel and I have bee there many times to shoot stuff we still feel like outsiders. It’s more like a club of people who don’t like having new people around. Oh well. Chris thinks that’s a universal thing in any organization.

My interest in Hangman’s wanes more and more as time goes on and I am sure at some point I will stop helping out there. I was very gung-ho about it all seeing my skills (while not excellent, at least I had some knowledge) and their need for people in certain areas. I can’t seem to break down that door where I’m accepted into their organization so I think I’ll just let it slide after this year. Miguel seems to be enjoying working there so I think he will continue on.

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