Too Little Information?

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

Some shocking news came to my attention recently when Leisha Hailey of Uh Huh Her was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for a kiss shared with another woman. What’s shocking about that? Is it that a woman who was on a show about lesbianism is a lesbian? No. I knew that. Is it that Southwest Airlines is pretty much a douche bag airlines that seems intent on free advertising by pissing off high profile people? No. That’s blatantly obvious too.

What’s a bit surprising to me is that the news is reporting that the kiss was shared with Camila Grey, also of Uh Huh Her, and that they are a couple. I’d read that they were each in other relationships. Or I thought I read that. Maybe the current reports are wrong. Maybe what I read was outdated information by the time I read it.

I asked a friend of mine who was at the show in March, and she said that she thought they were in other relationships too. Maybe she read the same things I did. This brings up an odd point. What is that point? Is it that the flight attendant used a very odd overgeneralization of what a family is? No. But it is too bad that she has to make my country, the country of Texas, look bad. Is it that I wonder that if Southwest has been singling out high profile people, and that’s why they’ve managed to cause trouble for Kevin Smith, Billy Joe Armstrong, and Leisha Hailey, or do they just act like douches to so many passengers that the law of averages dictated that they would piss off some celebrities eventually? No. Not only is that a rehash of something I said above, but I brought it up already.

The point is that it’s still very weird to me that there are some people, places, and things (sometimes known as nouns) on the internet that you can find more information about than you probably will ever care about, but then there are others that finding information is really hard.

I find it weird that there is probably more information to be found about me, Al Franken… oops. About me, Chris McGinty, than there is to be found about Uh Huh Her, and the various projects that they’ve been involved in over the years. I guess it has everything to do with the blog. But even prior to the blog there was plenty of information out there about me.

But enough about me. There still is a lack of information out there about various groups and other celebrities. I get that some people are probably more private than I am, though I seem to write a lot of stuff while still being a somewhat private person, but it’s pretty easy to publish information that is only relevant to the work you do. You don’t even have to do the writing. Hire somebody to interview you every week and post that interview to your official website.

I used to get stuck in front of the TV for hours at a time watching VH-1 “Behind the Music.” I sat up one night and watched Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent. The truth is that I have very little interest in either, but I watched damn it. Oh yes, I watched. Why? Because there are so many stories out there, and I don’t really get bored hearing them. If some of these lesser known groups took the time to tell a few of them, I would read. I’d have to. I’m not looking for gossip. Just history.

Let’s go back to Leisha Hailey and Camilla Grey. I don’t need to know all the sordid or not so sordid details of their lives. The only reason I would want to know if they are an item is to get information straight in my head, because either that information is wrong, or the information I had before was wrong. On the other hand, I would love to hear stories about their lives as songwriters and performers. There is a lot of history there, as they’ve both been at it for a long time.

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