Heading to Star Wars Fan Days in Dallas this weekend

by Nathan Stout (of Accordingtowhim.com)

This coming weekend (October 8th and 9th) is the yearly Sci-Fi Expo’s Fan Days convention. This year the venue has changed to the new Irving convention center (in Las Colians). If you remember we had the Comicon at this same new place back in May. The Fan Days show is usually a little smaller in volume but who knows with this new mega sized convention center. The Comicon was waaayyyyy bigger than anyone expected.

Chris and I will be setting up at the convention as usual and selling Anime models and CRAZY discounts (no, seriously, they are crazy). This selling at a ridiculous price has been a great way to clear out stock and make some quick money. I have been going back and forth this last week or so about what to do at this convention since I have run into a little problem. The model kits I have been selling are now mostly going discontinued. That means they have stopped making them. I started to worry about getting more stock in after the show. I began to think I shouldn’t offer the crazy discount and just sell what sells (at a reasonable price). After much deliberation I decided to just sell as normal (at the crazy discount) and worry about what to restock with later.

Tomorrow Chris and I will make a detour before the weekend by going to Duran Duran at the Verizon center but on Friday I will be setting up the booth at the convention. They have the location open for vendors to set up (since many come from far away and have a lot to setup) so I decided to take advantage of this. One of the annoyances is rushing on Saturday morning to get the booth read so I decided to get it all done on Friday instead. It’s also ‘supposed’ to rain all weekend so I thought it would be better not to have to travel in the rain.

So if you are into Anime and model kits this is the place to get them cheap! I also carry some other random items but the majority of the sales come from the kits. After this show there is another in February but that is usually the slowest of the year so maybe I won’t have to worry too much about finding alot of replacement kits.

Check back next week (probably Monday) to hear about all that happened at the convention.

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