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by Nathan Stout (of

Welcome to that most holy of holy days… the most sacred of numbered days… the most… oh who the hell cares. Apparently movie makers do.

We in the Western world have this obsession with dates and times that ‘line up’ in some way or other. Like 9/9/99 or 11/11/11. I’m sure there are other countries that have this obsession too but I live here and this is all I know. So 11/11/11 is some big deal (to some people). It is supposed to be tied to luck, spirituality, and other such ‘magical meanings’.

The Gregorian calendar (which was adpoted in the 1500’s) is the standard for the world now and for some reason is the ‘end all’ of time telling. People don’t realize that 11/11/11 is nothing more than a number. Do you remeber when 2000 came around and some people were like ‘no, 2001 is the true milleimum’? The Gregorian calendar is not without it’s faults and is quite an interesting topic all on it’s own. Go look it up online and read all about it.

People here and there talk about ‘siginifant’ dates like 11/11/11 but if you watch any amount of television or read the net you will notice that movie and media companies think more about it than anyone else…

  • The Omen remake released on 6/6/6
  • The Immortals released today: 11/11/11
  • Harry Potter 7th book released on 7/7/7

So on and so forth…

So that you don’t feel like nothing special happened to you on 11/11/11 I will give you something to enjoy. Here are 11 facts about today:

  • Today is Veteran’s Day.
  • On this day in 1911 ‘The Great Blue Northerner’ blew into America dropping temps in some areas 50 degrees in one day!
  • It’s the 315th day of the year.
  • It’s Bill Moseley’s birthday (he is an actor… and was in Army of Darkness).
  • It’s Poky Day in Japan (that tasty treat you can buy at Walmart).
  • Foaming at the mouth liberal Barbara Boxer is 700 years old today (ok, 70).
  • Washington became the 42nd state on this date.
  • The 1933 ‘Dust Bowl‘ happened.
  • In 1926 Route 66 was born.
  • There is a movie called 11-11-11 coming out today… sheesh.
  • It’s Friday!

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