On having renters 11

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

Yeah, yeah, I know you are getting tired of this handy-man type blog but it keeps me going and helps me figure out what I need to do next so clam up! For those of you who don’t know this is a series of blogs about me renovating my mom’s rent house after some renters tore it up (really bad). If you want to learn more you can start here at this first blog.

I am starting to see the end of the tunnel here people… no really. I can see things moving a little faster and sooner rather than later I will get the kitchen floor done then we can get carpet. This is a late week post since I actually went to to my mom’s on my Birthday to catch up on some work.

I started my day by hitting Home Depot to get more stuff. I bought 2 new doors (for the hall and master bedroom), a folding door for the master bedroom closet, a piece of tin for the outside skirting, a piece of plywood for the kitchen wall, parts for the washer connection, some white primer paint, and a couple of smaller items. The total was almost three hundred, sheesh. They were too overpriced on a couple of things and they don’t cut glass so I will have to get those at Lowe’s.

Most of my extra long day (5 hours this time) was painting. I started by using that primer on the ceiling of the bathroom. Old water stains keep coming though the paint no matter how many times I paint so I got this primer that is supposed to stop stains. It worked well, but not perfectly. It is good enough though. I then took the primer and painted the weird wall in the kitchen because it needs to be white and it is showing some stains aw well. Then I painted the upper half of the bathroom (the dark green part). While that was drying I started painting the other green wall that’s in the kitchen (the one that was red that I talked about time before last). I then took the brown paint and painted the rest of the red that was in the house. I am talking about that wall in the living room. That more expensive paint did the job in only one coat. Awesome!

Most of my time was taken up with painting (especially all the edges) but I also tried to do a few other things. I took a look at leveling the back of the house so the kitchen floor would be more level before I tried to pour the leveling agent on it. After just a couple of minutes I gave up and decided to just let the leveling agent do it’s job. I also didn’t get any progress on the washer connection since I needed some PVC glue. I will have to bring that back next time.

My mom stopped by and we picked which flooring she wanted for the kitchen. I got 3 samples at Home Depot and she picked the most expensive one (of course). I will go back and get that next time I go there (but after I level the floor).

All in all I spent the most time painting. I am having to paint EVERY surface in this house… it’s that bad. I still have a couple of walls in the kitchen and the lower half of the bathroom to do as well as the ceiling the living room. I am hoping I can just touch that up and not have to paint the whole thing.

My visit tomorrow will encompass more painting and some work on the plumbing stuff with some additional prep on the kitchen floor. THAT is the biggie, that damn floor. I am really worried about.

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