Where the Blogs Are – January 2012

by Chris McGinty (AccordingToWhim.com)

I’m going to start a feature here on the According To Whim blog that will have links to the writing that we’ve done during a given month. I might post it earlier in the month, and then move it to the last day of the month when it is fully populated. As this blog is meant to report the work we do, I figure a report on what we’ve written makes sense. I will likely ask Nathan for a little help with this feature if it becomes too hard to keep up with on my own. My thanks in advance for his help.

The reason for this is that we have created a number of blogs with the hope of attracting people who are looking for a specific topic, rather than putting everything on a catch all blog. So far, Nathan has been the prolific writer. I will pick it up soon. I have been writing, but I have incomplete posts. In the parentheses after the date will be the blog the article appears on.

Nathan’s Posts

Jan. 1 (Robotech Now) – Robotech for 2012!

Nathan explains the goal of the Robotech blog for 2012.

Jan. 2 (According To Whim) – Doodad Part 3

Nathan tells you about his latest actions with his VW Beetle hobby.

Jan. 3 (Robotech Now) – The Robotech 2012 Reading/Watching Order

Nathan discusses a true fan’s dedication to make the chronological reading of Robotech easy for the rest of us.

Jan. 6 (Robotech Now) – The Legend of Zor: Issues 1-6

Nathan discusses a comic book prequel mini-series from 1992.

Jan. 9 (Robotech Now) – Robotech: The Graphic Novel

Nathan discusses a comic book prequel mini-series from 1986.

Jan. 9 (Whim Movies) – Review: Demolition Man

Nathan stands up for a movie that not everyone gets. I get it, brother!

Jan. 13 (Robotech Now) – Book 1: Robotech Genesis – Prologue Through Chapter 2

Nathan continues his reading of Robotech by picking up one of the novels for a little bit.

Jan. 16 (Robotech Now) – Return To Macross: Issues 1-6

Nathan discusses another comic book series in the Robotech universe.

Jan. 16 (Net Runner CCG) – Net Runner – A very light overview and some memories…

Nathan’s repost of a Net Runner article he did on this blog.

Chris’s Posts

Jan. 10 (Robotech Now) – What’s So Special about Special Editions?

Chris discusses the possible upsides of special edition releases of movies and TV shows.

Jan. 11 (Robotech Now) – Reading and Viewing Experience: Robotech Genesis-The Legend Of Zor?

Chris’s take on the prequel mini-series.

Jan. 17 (Whim Movies) – Times (and TV) Have Changed

Chris talks about how he would run a TV network.

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