Halfway point for: Rise of the Rock Star Kickstarter board game

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

Welcome to our ongoing coverage of According To Whim’s Kickstarter 60-day project: Rise of the Rock Star.

Today’s post marks the halfway point of the Kickstarter. We have 30 days to go and a long way to travel to reach our goal but with your help, we can do it! Please take a moment to back us. Thanks!

It has been a long road to get to this point and we really appreciate everyone who has backed us and given us words of encouragement. We began years ago with the uniting of a couple of different ideas for this game between Chris and myself. We dived into the game again last year at our friend Loren’s suggestion and we began working on it again (for real this time)!

After much game play, adjusting, and preparing we launched our Kickstarter back in May at the Dallas Comicon. Preparing for a Kickstarter is a long (and sometimes tedious) process but ultimately rewarding with all the knowledge how the system works. You will see a few more blogs in the coming 30 days about setting up a good Kickstarter so keep your eyes peeled (and subscribe to this blog)!

We will keep pushing this Kickstarter right to the end and guess what… we have more on the way! Chris and I have a few ideas we have already begun testing (and even gotten quotes for).

Thanks for stopping by and check out our other posts. We have HUNDREDS (literally) so bookmark us and we will see you later!

Nathan (and Chris)

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