Review: Army Men (Post 6 of 6)

by Nathan Stout (of

This is the last post were I close up shop with Army Men I didn’t buy. All these dudes were located at one store… Hobby Lobby. Have you guessed why I didn’t buy them?

 Look at the price on that puppy… $22.99! ARE YOU CRAZY???!!!

That is the price at Hobby Lobby, which is pretty typical. They have become one of those stores that followed Kohl’s into the abyss of ‘mark it up 200% then have a 50% off sale’. These guys are just waiting for that half-off sale.
Anyway, Hobby Lobby has a wide range of Army Men, first off they have the ‘Action Figure Solider Set’ from Stevens International (you see above). One of the tubs was open so I grabbed a couple to take some pics…

This German figure looks only so-so. No classic molds here. From what I remember the plastic was softer than many of the Army Men I have checked out. The sculpting isn’t horrible but it isn’t great either. At the princely price of 21.99 these dudes (which includes a couple of vehicles and flags) come out to almost 11 cents each. Highway robbery!

Here is our G.I. and he is about to lob an apple or something.
On the pegs nearby are the nice Army Men. These are the collector-oriented figures for dioramas and such. Not only Army men but Native Americans, Colonial and Civil War men as well.

These guys I don’t really consider Army Men but I thought I’d just mention them since they were close at hand. They run around $9.99 for each package.

 Next up is another package of ‘normal’ Army Men which could be found down below the nice miniatures. There were also Pirates, Space Men, and Native Americans. There might have been Knights too but I was only focused on the Army Men.

 ‘Super Army’ here by Americana Souvenirs and Gifts seems more cheapness but I couldn’t get a good look so I can’t really rate these guys. Nothing here makes me say ‘Oh yeah, this is the STUFF’!
My final Army Men to look at were on a different isle all together. Once again, they aren’t really Army Men in the traditional sense but they are the same scale (1/32) and they look just like Army Men (the package was open… I swear I didn’t do it). The are SUPER detailed and come in parts that you have to glue together but at a distance you couldn’t tell them apart from real Army Men. AT A DISTANCE.
At a $1.50 per figure these guys would quickly break the bank.
So that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed my little trip through the land mine-studded (pun intended) world of Army Men. I just wanted to see what was out there and have a little fun in the process.

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