Board Game Review: Dungeon Dice

by Nathan Stout (of

Welcome to this latest game review: Milton Bradley’s 70’s game: Dungeon Dice!


Roll the dice and attempt to get the right combinations in order to get escape cards. Get enough cards and you break out of the dungeon. Attract too much attention in your attempt and the guards will keep you eating gruel for the rest of your life!


Parker Brothers released Dungeon Dice in 1977. I found this little gem at a Goodwill for a buck fifty and have enjoyed many games with it. It comes with 6 wooden dice with various symbols on it (a guard, a knife, a ladder, a lamp, and a key. Players take turns rolling the dice in the plastic pit and attempt to get three of a kind (and some other combos) while avoiding 3 guards. You can keep rolling until you get enough combos to gain a card or until you roll 3 guards (which ends your turn). Once you are able to get an escape card you can stop your turn and keep the card or keep pressing your luck. You also have the option of challenging the other players in an attempt to roll 3 guards and stealing one of their escape cards. It is a super simple concept and the only real difficulty is remembering which combos you need for the number of escape cards.


There is something very familiar about the art work here. I guess Parker Brothers used this same artist on other games. The board and cards are typical for a 70’s game it has held up well over time. The plastic pit that is in the middle of the board is thick and well made. It’s a great place to roll the dice and has a lip so you can place your combos up on top while you re roll the other dice.


If you opponent is getting too close to escaping feel free to challenge them and keep pressing your luck. One of you are going to escape, don’t make it easy for them! For the most part it’s all about the luck of the roll but you have ability to keep pressing on and risking your gains to gain even more.

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