Kickstarter Project begins today! Zombie Death Force, Go!

by Nathan Stout (of

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce According To Whim’s latest game: Zombie Death Force, Go! A card game for 2 to 4 players.

Zombie Death Force, Go! takes place after the zombie apocalypse. You attempt to build a team of people and equip them with weapons for kicking zombie ass!

The game comes with 62 cards (2 of which are for the 3 and 4 player games) and instructions.

Zombie Death Force, Go! is a very easy to learn game which involves card placement strategy (so you can successfully build your team and keep your opponent from doing the same).

Chris McGinty and I have been working on this game since last year’s Rise of the Rock Star game.  We wanted to wipe the slate clean and try out a game that was simplistic and fun to play. We contracted artist Ben Dunn to do the art and it has come out fantastic! All the pieces are in place and the only piece left… is you!

We ask that you help us get Zombie Death Force, Go! created. We have many levels of support from one dollar all the way to the top! We include some nice bonuses that will be available non where else (depending on the level you pledge at).

Please help us out by backing this project and letting others know about it! Thank you so much!

Nathan Stout & Chris McGinty

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