A quick update on all things ATW

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

There hasn’t been a lot of activity here on our blog or site (for that matter). I thought I’d drop you all a quick note to let you know we are still alive but as usual… Apathy wins again!

Here is an easy to digest list… everyone loves lists…


  • Miguel is working on a feature length edit of the Season 2 episodes.
  • Chris is getting started up on editing with Adobe and will focus on learning and doing the rough edits and setups for Miguel (and me).
  • Miguel is also working on various projects (with Chris’ prompting) such as the music video they shot, the Hangman’s House of Horrors documentary, weddings, and various other ‘non-ATW’ items that need to be caught up on.
  • I am working on getting rolling with some of the editing on Season 2’s episodes 4-6 as well as several shot but not edited sketches.
  • I am also in somewhat of a limbo for Season 3 stuff. We lost so much of that material during the ‘Great Hard Drive Crash of 2010‘. There is still some funny stuff in there so maybe we can salvage it at a later date.

Audio Show:

  • The According To Whim Audio shows has always just been a sort of ‘when we feel like it’ sort of project. Chris will pop out his phone and we will do a show on the fly. These seem to have after conventions (lately). So this is really an on-going thing. We were going a little more seriously with this back when Google didn’t screw things up with their Hangout software and made it all ‘pain in the ass’ to use.


  • As you know (or don’t), the Kickstarter for our board game: Rise of the Rockstar failed (poo). It was an excellent learning experience and we do intend on revisiting Rockstar, fixing the issues and trying again.
  • Chris and I have other games in development including this doozie… Zombie Death Force, Go! This game is all but complete and we are doing some final testing. Once done, we will Kickstart that one too. We think it looks awesome too! (EDIT: We got this game made, follow the link above).
  • We pulled all ‘for sale’ copies of Whim Wars off our site and stopped selling it at conventions since we plan to give it as a Kickstarter award for Zombie Death Force, Go!. We also plan to rework this game and release it in a more complete manner in the future.
  • Chris and I have a few other games in progress but we haven’t done much testing on them lately. One is a clever number/card game that is super simple and really fun (called 21 to 42). The other is Chris’ sequel to Whim Wars called Whim Wars Armada (it a total dice game, no maps this time).


  • Chris has a bazillion book ideas and many in-progress. I think it is mainly an act of twisting his arm to get him to complete one or two (or a hundred) of them. Introduction looked to be fairly far along when I proofed it. Although we have our differences on using all the short stories we wrote for it, it seems like the best shot and having something done soonest.
  • Our year-long serial: Flash Ahhhh! is great book material but we have some conflicting views on certain parts of the story and I think that is going to have to be worked out before we can move forward.
  • Short stories: We have a bunch (most used in Introduction) but I think we have enough to make a book independent of it. Since Pill Hill Press is no longer out there for me to submit to, it looks like this book will be the outlet for all those short and flash fiction stories.


  • I think over the last year we have focused a lot on the Renegade Anime convention/antique mall business (to the detriment of our other projects). I feel it has been only a mild success and I can totally see why I kinda gave up on all conventions with the exception of the big 4 that I was doing before we re-invested ourselves in it. We are still probing the possibilities in regards to Renegade Anime.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I am sure if I listed everything we are messing about with it would be long and tedious. This is a nice overview of what has been going on. It is here to inform you guys and to help us get a second wind for a lot of stuff that has kinda fallen behind.

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