Summertime Funtime Brainstorming

by Chris McGinty of

Today, I will focus on a
brainstorming method that is great for a daily blogger.

Nathan came up with a very
simple, but very deep, theme for the summer of 2019. It was simply, “Let’s
write about summer.” That wasn’t the most important part of it though. The
important part was that we decided to write as many posts as we could throughout the
summer, which required a certain type of brainstorming – listing absolutely
everything that you might write about within the theme, and then sifting
through it to find the best ideas. Or if you’re like me, you’ll just write
You don’t have to announce a
theme week (or a theme season) to use this method.
You don’t have to have a theme week, but do you really want to disappoint these funtime dudes?
You can simply come up with one
or more topics and list every idea that you get relating to one or more of the
topics. In fact, one great method for really mining the topics is to mix and
match where you can. One thing that John Cleese talked about is to keep
listing, because often the more original ideas come once you’ve exhausted the
obvious ideas.
If you are a daily, or otherwise
frequent, blogger, you will get an extra burst of ideas as you write your blog
posts. I remembered some things only after I wrote a blog post. I thought I was
running out of summer topics for a brief moment, and then I had another half
dozen posts to write because I kept triggering memories.
One final thought, if you regularly
communicate with someone else who posts frequently, maybe discuss the topics
with them. The other thing that helped me dig so deep into these topics was
reading Nathan’s takes on the theme. We covered some of the same ideas because
of it, but we had decidedly different stories to tell.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
never feels at a loss for ideas. Sometimes he’s at a loss for good ideas, but
he always has ideas, even if they’re really, really bad ideas. Ooh, come to think
of it, hold my soda.

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