Summertime Funtime: quick watch Stanger Things!

by Nathan Stout (of

I just don’t have time to keep up with things. I really want to see Avengers: Infinity Boxoffice but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Soon spoiler images start showing up online and boom!, the surprise stuff is ruined.

Back in 2016 I started watching Stranger Things and I got all the way through episode 7 and life caught up with me in some way or another. I stopped watching and just never got back around to watching it again.

Fast forward to a month or two ago and the promos for Season 3 starts showing up and the new season appears to revolve around Summertime. They are really pushing the Summertime aspect too. I start thinking that it would be a great addition to this blog’s Summertime Funtime theme. Oh well.

Back to the Avengers spoilers popping up everywhere… on Netflix, when you go into a show, it has a screen capture of the most recent season, so there are character shown that ruin certain surprises in earlier seasons… yuck.

Anyway, my wife finally decides she want to watch the series (I guess the third season piqued her interest). We started over a couple of weeks ago. Finished season one and we are now in season 2 (almost midway). I think we will be able to finish season 3 by the end of the Summer, so everything is good. I’ll give a review of it when we are done.

Season 1: I (ofcourse) really liked the retro feel of the show. You can tell these writers/creators grew up with The Goonies, E.T., and even Super 8 (who took from E.T. and The Goonies). The premise was darker and the acting was well executed. I can see why it was so popular.

Season 2: I am not done so I don’t know it all but people have complained that it is too slow in it’s tension building but I am enjoying it never the less. More nostalgia please…

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