A Bunch of Other Memories Involving Lakes

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I started writing about my lake memories. Many of the remaining memories still took place at Lake Worth, but
let me step away from there for a moment, and discuss a few other lake
excursions. I knew a guy named Mike when I lived in Azle, Texas. I guess my
friendship with him caused some issues, because he was originally my brother’s
friend, but he started hanging out with me more. My brother got mad at me later
when it seemed like the same thing was happening with another friend of his,
but it never really occurred to me that because they were hanging out with me
that they were additionally not hanging out with him.

My mom didn’t really like Mike,
and she tried to convince me not to continue my friendship with him. I ignored
her. Mike and I never really got into too much trouble… well, there was the
field of dry grass that we accidentally caught on fire. And to be fair, my
memory is failing me at the moment, so that may not have even been Mike. It was
definitely me though. Whoever it was with me, we were playing around by
catching the dried blades of grass on fire and then stamping them out. As I
stated in another post, the problem with kids is that it starts out cautious,
and then it gets braver and braver. We started letting it burn a little longer
each time before we stamped it out until that time where the stamping didn’t
really seem to be doing much good, so we ran. There were witnesses though, so
we still got in trouble.
That’s not really Summetime
Funtime though, more like Summertime Delinquency. Mike and I went to Eagle
Mountain Lake with his mom and his super pregnant aunt. She surely had a summer birth. The only thing I really remember about that lake trip, other than my mom
was mad that my brother wasn’t invited, was that Mike and I spent a good amount
of our time in the lake out at the ropes that were the farthest you were
supposed to swim.
A story involving a lake and
hanging with my dad as a teenager was going tubing with one of his work
buddies. There were holds for two people on the tube we were using, so we both
got out and had a great time.
I once went with my friend Matt
and his wife at the time out onto Lake Ray Hubbard. At the time, I had my two
oldest kids living with me, so I got to take them along. It was a fun time,
even if I don’t have any amazing stories to tell about it. It was just a relaxing
day on the lake. Someone should write a song about a relaxing time on the lake.
Waaktaar – Manmade Lake
So let’s go back to Lake Worth
memories. In 1994, Miguel and I got to run into Lake Worth as part of the chase
scene for Summer Project ’94. Everything about that last sentence feels
redundant. We went to a park that we’d picked out by the lake, and we did a
segment where the chase took us onto the slide and the bars, followed by us
running into the lake to presumably swim all the way to the Trinity River.
Miguel actually got a message from someone pointing out that there’s no way to
swim to the Trinity River from Lake Worth. Then again, we had a sword fight
with 2-Liter Dr. Pepper bottles, so I’m not sure we were going for realism.
Just prior to shooting that scene
there had been a heavy rainfall. The lake was higher than it normally is, and
there was a picnic table far enough out that we could wade to it, but still
swim in the water around us. This allowed us to get an overhead shot of us
swimming in Lake Worth.
So let’s shift gears a little bit
here. Nathan, please give the audience a warning.
The following tales are NSFW, so
please don’t read them really loud as your co-workers walk to the copier.
Now we’re going to get into
Summertime Sextime. If my kids are reading this, it’s not me having the sex in
this story, so you’re safe.
Miguel had an odd experience one
night with our friend Chris Modester, who also appeared in our public access
show. Modester didn’t have a driver license for a couple of years after high
school, so we were often picking him up and hanging out. One night, Miguel took
him to pick up a woman that Modester had a hookup date with. They went
somewhere public and dark, and she said to Modester, in front of Miguel, “You
just want to fuck right here?” I don’t remember if they did fuck right there,
but I know that Miguel was just amazed that Modester had the ability to hookup
like that.
Flash forward a couple of
summers, and a co-worker of mine tells me a similar story having to do with a
man and a woman who had just started working with us. Apparently, they had gone
somewhere together after work, and they got a little exhibitionist on him.
Again, I don’t remember the extent of what he got to witness, but he told me
all about it. He also told me that he had plans to go swimming at Lake Worth
with them after work, and that I should go with them. So I did. There might
have been some hope for skinny dipping, since it was late at night, but it
didn’t happen quite that way.
They were being pretty
exhibitionist on the way out to the lake. It was like they couldn’t stand
having been stuck at work all that time not being able to touch each other
sexually. We got to the lake, and we were talking. Then they said they would be
right back. It was about five minutes when my co-worker suggested we should go
check on them. We both had a suspicion that they might be making out, because
it just didn’t seem reasonable that they both decided to go poop in the woods
together. We get to the edge of the trees, and she’s on the picnic table in the
clearing and he’s fucking her. We watched for a minute and then my co-worker
got a little freaked out. He didn’t want them to stop hanging out with him,
because we had checked on them and saw some stuff. I have a feeling that they
wouldn’t have minded, given that they could have waited until they got home to
do it rather than doing it out in the open like that.
When they came back, my co-worker
actually got that whole talking too much thing going on that may have made them
suspect that we’d seen them. The other reason I don’t think they minded being
seen is because the next thing that happened is that we all stripped to our
underwear and went swimming. They weren’t exactly shy.
I’m sure there are other tales of
hanging out at the lake, but the only other Lake Worth story I can think of was
in the dead of winter, and I was at a guard post at a nearby storage yard. It
was that much colder at that post though because of the lake being so close. Neither
Summertime nor Funtime, so this seems like a good place to stop.
Chris McGinty is a blogger and
former pyromaniac who got over that fire shit sometime around the time that he
caught that field on fire. Now he spends his time not catching things on fire.
His future projects involve not burning things.

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