Durandatory Duran: Summertime Funtime Edition

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

A long time ago, I came up with
the phrase Durandatory Duran as a play on Mandatory Metallica, because if any
band should have a mandatory song programmed every hour on a heavy metal radio
station, it’s Duran Duran. Ok, maybe not the heavy metal part, but the idea
still stands. Nathan and I discussed the need to include summer themed songs in
our summer themed blog posts, and I’m happy to say that my favourite band,
Duran Duran, isn’t lacking in music that I can include. It’s a “Matter of Fact”
(which won’t be included on this list) that I’m going to devote three posts to
these songs, starting with the three songs that have the word “summer” in the

Duran Duran – Violence of Summer
(Love’s Taking Over)
This is the first single off of
Duran Duran’s sixth album “Liberty.” The album wasn’t very well received, which
is odd to me because it’s in my Top 4 Duran Duran albums. There are a number of
theories as to why the album didn’t do well; the direction of music at the
time, lack of promotion, Nick Rhodes believes he overproduced the album, the
lack of a strong single, etc.
Whatever the reason, I don’t
believe it lacked a strong single. “Violence of Summer” is a very good song.
The second single, “Serious” was also a great song. “My Antarctica” was never a
single, but had the first two singles done well, I promise you it would have
been the third single.
Nathan was a little skeptical about “Liberty,” but he ended up thinking it was very good when Chris played it for him. I wonder if he would have hated the album if he had been losing the games of Net Runner they were playing.
A personal story regarding this
song is that I was hanging with Miguel one day and had the “Liberty” album on.
He was mostly unimpressed. In reference to “Violence of Summer” he complained
about a practice in music where the singer just kind of riffs with nonsensical
words. His view was that there should either be lyrics, vocal silence, or at
least just use words like “oh” or “yeah.” Don’t make up random crap that has
nothing to do with anything, like “China na China na na na.” I had to explain
to him that the song was about a girl named China who’s hanging out by the
railings of the motor shed. Google says “ratings on a motion.” I may be hearing
it wrong, but whoever entered that lyric on Google is really hearing it wrong.
Once faced with this information about the song’s main character, Miguel
conceded that “China na” made perfect sense then. He was probably being
Duran Duran – Taste the Summer
This was off Duran Duran’s
eleventh album, “Astronaut,” which marked the return of the original lineup.
That return would last for this album only as Andy Taylor would leave for the
band for the second time during the making of the next album.
Miguel might be happy to know
that part of the lyrics of this song include a vocal riff, “Doo doo doo
I don’t normally have this kind
of visual thought with music, but for some reason I envision this song to be
about a couple hanging out at some sort of summer music festival and laughing
and dancing. I would get it if there had been a music video and that was the
plot, but this is just a visual that entered my mind on its own. I know that
when music video was first trending that some artists felt that the videos
could interfere with the audience’s ability to interpret the music for
themselves. If I had to present an argument in favor of that belief, I would
talk about this song and my interpretation. Then again, now that I’ve said that,
I may have tainted your ability to visualize the song your own way, so if I
needed to argue the other side of the debate, I would point out that we could
never discuss our own interpretations with others.
Duran Duran – Early Summer Nerves
I don’t really have a lot to say
about this song. I personally believe it to be an ok song that was used as a
bonus track for an amazing album. That amazing album was Duran Duran’s
thirteenth album, “All You Need Is Now,” which is also in my Top 4 Duran Duran
There is nothing that I
specifically dislike about “Early Summer Nerves.” I do think it’s a good song.
It’s just surrounded by all the amazing songs that were on that album, and it
isn’t quite as good. It also feels a little like an incomplete thought.
There is a song on “Paper Gods”
called “What Are the Chances,” and it feels like maybe they revisited the idea
of the odds of meeting someone with who you just click, and maybe expanded the
concept a bit. I believe it to be a better exploration of the concept.
Those are the three Duran Duran tracks that
have the word “summer” in the title, unless I’m embarrassingly forgetting, or
unaware of, something. I’m going to do a second post that will have what I’m
going to call “summerable mentions” in which the lyrics reference the summer. I’ll
link it below when I post it.
Chris McGinty is a Blogger who
believes the Top 4 Duran Duran albums to be, in this order: Medazzaland,
Liberty, Big Thing, and All You Need Is Now. We don’t get many comments on this
blog, but what are your Top 4 albums by Duran Duran?

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