Pay the Toll to the Trope

by Chris McGinty of

Nathan did a trope based post, and I thought that I might do
one. I think I covered a lot of my tropes as posts, so I was going to just
forget the trope post. Then I read Nathan’s again, and realized it was like a
who’s who of what he would talk about in his own posts. I think I’ll do mine as
a retrospective of subjects I talked about, subjects that there isn’t much to
talk about, and maybe a couple that I still need to get to.This includes some pictures I borrowed from Creative Commons, because I like the Creative Commons concept. And then later there are some memes that I just borrowed from the internet in general. On with the tropes.

Multi-night sleepovers with school friends and neighbourhood friends
Backyard camping

This is me when I was playing little league. Ok, maybe what I imagined I looked like playing little league.

Going shirtless
Wearing shorts (ok, so this one is only valid before my
teenage years, I hate wearing shorts)
I haven’t spent enough summers sliding down water slides. I bet he’s glad he wore thos goggles.
Road trips
Mowing the lawn
These are those stickers that get everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean your foot.
Hanging out near water
Running through sprinklers as a kid
Those stupid plastic pools that you really couldn’t swim in
This is either a fireworks display, or a summer blockbuster movie. Either way, it’s in theme.

That year I drank iced tea almost the whole summer while I
was at my guard post. That was a weird year, let me tell ya. I mean, I still drank Dr. Pepper, but I drank a lot of sweet tea.
It’s a Texas thing. You wouldn’t understand.
Scarborough Faire
Outdoor festivals (some do happen in the winter, but the
summer ones are the fun ones)
Chris, I was under there impression there were going to be some summer memes.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who doesn’t really hate summer,
but he will enjoy it a lot more when he’s independently wealthy, lying on a
beach somewhere, and making pottery all day.

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