Summer 2019 – Season 2 of According To Whim

by Nathan Stout (of

Hi all,

This being the final week of Summertime Funtime 2019 I am going off topic other than to say I am working on this Season 2 stuff during the summer so suck it up…

As you know I’ve gone on and on about the disaster of Season 2 of our show According To Whim. A bit of the boy who cried wolf I know but stay with me here.

It’s been five years since I cracked open the project files in Adobe Premier and after I revamped our main site at I got re-interested in seeing what the work effort would be to get Season 2 finished.

Much to my surprise I had finished Episode 3, most of 4 was complete and episodes 5 and 6 are basically laid out, ready for editing and filling in the gaps.

I am somewhat proud of my work on Season 2 as a writer and planner (not so much as an actor). As it stands (a 6 part, 30 minute show made for television broadcast) the show is slow………….. really slow. To fill in that 30 minute time slot I needed to pad out EVERYTHING. The pacing is like 30% slower than it should be. The intros are long, there is a ‘last time’ segment, there is an intermission, as well as a ‘next time’ segment, and the end credits. Almost all unnecessary. Just there to fill in that broadcast schedule.

I want to complete the show as it would have been for Public Access, yes the slow, plodding 30 minute mess. Episodes 5 and 6 are missing quite a bit so I am not sure how I will pad them out, but I think I can.

[EDIT] I have found a note to myself in a file while I continue to look through all the show material. I have the exact amount of time missing from each episode:

Episode 4   =    Needs 4:53 (for to 30 minutes – padding only)
Episode 5   =    Needs 6:30
Episode 6   =    Needs 6 (for Chris)  Needs 4:30 (For Nathan)

TOTAL *******************
17 min 30 Sec

I will hang onto those privately and re-edit them in a much more reasonable format to post to YouTube and such.

One further delay is that I am having to relearn Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects. I never wrote down what settings I used to export the media when I render out the files too. This is taking more time to figure out what I used to encode stuff in. Oh the joys of procrastination.

This work has also led me to want to work on Season 3 again. Before the hard drive crash which lost a good chunk of episode 1 and extra stuff we already shot for episode 2 and 3, I had a complete plan for each segment of Season 3 (a little more sillier than Season 2). I will revisit that with Chris and re-write to fit our nearly 10 year gap of time.

That is all for now mortals…

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