Oh, Maybe That’s What You Should Lead With, Morons

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I don’t want to be too much of an
asshole here, but I’m going to be, because I’m a little miffed. Around three or
four months ago, I wrote a blog post about why we’re having trouble getting people to understand climate change. I don’t really have a readership, so I
didn’t expect anyone coming to my rescue and giving me some good information.
It was the sentiment of the matter though, because my basic take was, and I’m summarizing,
“I bet there’s a simple way of explaining things, and rather than simply
explaining that simple way of explaining things we’re being told, ‘Hey dummies,
why don’t you just trust the scientific community?’ And my answer is that we
get those smart atheists every day telling us how dumb we are for having ‘faith,’
because faith is belief without evidence.”

Watch this video. Pay specific
attention to the part at around 2:30 where he explains that we know it’s caused
by humans because of the type of carbon that is increasing.
In the last blog post, my whole
thing was there has to be a nice bite sized science thing that we can explain
the problem simply to others. Here it is.

The extraction and burning of
fossil fuels, such as gasoline, increases the C12 isotope in a way that doesn’t
occur naturally. The primary increase in CO2s is the C12 isotope.
That’s what you should be leading
with, morons. I’ve intermittently been going back to the well of information on
climate change for years now, mostly because I think Al Gore is an asshole
(politically, I’m sure he’s a good human being) and I had to just accidentally
stumble on this information. This should be in every video on climate change
ever. Tone down the part of, “We scientists are smart, so you should blindly believe
us,” and increase the part about, “This information will allow you to believe
us with evidence.”
Now, I’m going to feel like a
complete asshole if it turns out that I walked away from “An Everconfusing
Truth,” – or whatever it was called – and right after I stopped watching Al
Gore explained this very information, but everything else he was saying was so
dumb. I couldn’t handle it anymore.
I’m frustrated, because as I said
in the last posts, I’ve been an environmentalist all my life. I want to
colonize Mars and explore space and all that stuff, but I don’t want to do it
because we destroyed Earth and it’s no longer habitable. The problem is that
this shit’s been going on for decades now, and I’ve never been able to simply
explain it to people; not even people who believe climate change. Instead,
every argument I’ve ever heard about this subject has been stupid and
uninformed on both sides of the climate changed coin.
Every time you are asked about
climate change this is your response, and you keep saying this no matter how they
try to spin the questions, “Burning fossil fuels increases a certain type of
CO2, and that’s measurably what’s causing the problem. That’s how we know it’s
a human existence problem.” Once you convince people of that, you can get into
all of the doomsday, end of times bullshit that is making everybody believe
that you’re charlatans.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
wants to apologize for this rant to all of the scientists from who he truly
enjoys learning. The beginning of my apologies is Neil Degrasse Tyson. The
middle of my apologies is Pamela Gay. The end is Nye.

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