Review: Richie Ashwin EP (2013)

by Chris McGinty of

This review is a bit overdue. Here’s what happened. Back in 2013, Nathan
and I were running a Kickstarter for a board game. It didn’t succeed. The
reason that’s relevant is that Nathan suggested that we start Twitter accounts.
The major problem was that it would have probably been better if we’d had the
Twitter accounts for at least a couple of years before we planned to promote

I wasn’t in the right place for a Twitter account at the time. I was
working insane hours and didn’t have much access to internet except for when I
was home and awake. I’d even fallen off of writing the blog with any frequency
during that time. But the blog was also supposed to be part of our attempt to
make people aware of us and our board game. I was listening to a number of
unsigned bands at that time, and started reviewing some of the music I liked
the most. An artist named Richie Ashwin replied to one of my Tweets and asked
me to review his new EP.
I didn’t see his reply until five years later, because I gave up on using
Twitter until I had time to really be on it, which was around the beginning of
2019. I was actually a bit miffed with myself. I would have loved to have
reviewed his EP. Listening to it now, I would have liked to have added a couple
of his songs to my regular listening at the time.
I told myself that when I finally got around to writing the blog with more
regularity that I would do a review. My best apology is this. I don’t think
that my review would have been much help at the time. I had no followers and
the blog views were sporadic, so I’m not sure I would have helped bring
attention to the EP. I’m not even sure that my review now will help much, but
as I like his music, I’d like to do what I can.
“Glass Heart” is a good track and probably the best track to open the EP
with because it sets the right tone for the upcoming experience. It’s got a
powerful sense of vulnerability and heartbreak. It’s got a great beat on top of
that. I think it’s the strongest chorus on the EP as well. The buildup draws
you in and the chorus delivers satisfyingly.
“Hold Your Breath” has a good
sound to it. It’s distracting me a little, because it instrumentally reminds me
of something, but I can’t think of what. It’s an overall good song that shines
most with the vocals.
“Until We Bleed” This track was a
little difficult for me at first. While other tracks feel overall good to me,
this one has great aspects and other aspects that were less exciting to me, but
to be fair it’s probably just my personal taste. I don’t think there is
anything overtly bad here. But for each aspect that I like, I really like it. When
it first kicks in “we’re bound to linger on” I’m full on behind the track. It’s
a strong chorus. The backing vocals are amazing. More about this in a moment.
“Chasing Summer” is the best song
of a truly strong EP. The lonely ambiance is palpable. The synth effects, when
the song transitions, bring the instrumentation together nicely. The vocals are
fantastic on this track. I’m going to talk about a track in a bit that wasn’t
on this EP that I like for the same reasons that I like this track so much.
There’s a rap breakdown in the middle of “Chasing Summer” that I think brings
this song together in a way that the rap breakdown in “Until We Bleed” didn’t
quite do. As the song fades after a quick return to the chorus, I had the clear
sense this was the best track on the album.
“Dear Ex” is a short rap track.
It’s good work that reminds me a little bit of a Gorillaz track because of the
way that the track ends. I like this one, but I don’t have much to say since it
is short.
I went to Richie Ashwin’s YouTube
to see what he had available. There’s a beautiful track there called “Night.”
It’s from and EP called “Midnight” which is also on Soundcloud. I’m going to
give it a fair listen, and review it in a few weeks. I’m seriously in the
target audience for the song “Night.” Everything about it: the ambiance, the
vocals, the short drifting around the two-minute mark. This is probably my
favourite of his songs.
I’m going to wrap this up the same
way I started, which is to say that I wish I’d seen his reply back in 2013, but
I’m glad I noticed it when I came back to Twitter. Richie Ashwin does have a
couple of tracks on Spotify as well, so I’ll be adding those to my playlists.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
meant it when he said he wanted to hear some unsigned music. It’s not always
good, but occasionally you get a Tweet and you find something you want in your

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