Review: Army Men (post 10 of 6)

by Nathan Stout (of

I stopped by Dollar General here in Bridgeport to grab these guys. For those of you who don’t know Dollar General is like a step above you typical dollar store. It’s cheap stuff but more than $1.

Today’s Army Men were a dollar and at 25 pieces, that puts them at four cents each. Not a great deal at all (for Army Men). Let’s look at these travesties…

 Army Command Soldiers

 25 of the most vague soldiers out there!

Sergeant! My hand’s been blown off at the factory!

 Larry is kicking butt and taking names!

The flashing is very messy here.

This is what I meant by ‘vague’.

Price: 2
Quality of Sculpt: 1

Material Quality: 2

I think these guys beat out all others I have reviewed for top spot for cheapest Army Men I have seen so far! Congratulations!

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