by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I wrote about how dumb it is
being sick. I haven’t changed my mind since then. I read an article that there
is a flu going around in the southern US. It’s not dangerous according to the
article I read, but it feels the need to hang around for a couple of weeks. I’m
over the worst of it now, but I still have a cough and that overall feeling of
having a cold. Needless to say, I’m not particularly happy right now.

It always feels like I get sick
when I feel the most serious about making forward progress in my life. I don’t
know if I get manic and don’t sleep enough, or if I start feeling the stress of
getting things done. I just know that colds and flus need to keep to themselves.
I don’t have any interest in a civil war in my body involving snot and cough
I’m feeling better than I did
last week, but I think I’ll give it another week before I go to Nathan’s. We
have a lot planned for 2020, provided that we plan a lot sometime between now
and then. I have a lot planned. I’m sure Nathan has a lot planned. In the
meantime, I’m going to get to feeling better, and then we can figure out if we
have a lot planned in reality.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
feels that 2020 should involve a lot of playing Net Runner.

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