As the Month and Year Draw to a Close

by Chris McGinty of

Has it felt like December 2019
has just flown by to everyone? The only reason I ask is because it’s already
three weeks in and it feels like it just started; plus, I’ve heard at least two
other people marvel that the month is almost over. I wonder if it has something
to do with the fact that we’re focusing on the arrival of Christmas rather than
the arrival of the end of the month. There is still a week and a half left of
the month, so it’s not exactly the end.

I think it’s mostly that my bills
are due around day 26 of any given month, and while I’m a little early on
paying them this month, it’s not like I’m super early. There’s also the fact
that while I’m not a holidays person, so I don’t buy gifts for the holidays,
opting instead to buy people gifts when I see something they would like (and
when I have money for it). But even not buying gifts, I find myself feeling a
need to get things done before Christmas Eve, because things shut down for a
couple of days.
Either way, I’m somewhat looking
forward to 2020. It’s not because I didn’t enjoy 2019. It’s not because 2020
holds any specific meaning, except for us cyberpunk fans. I just think I’m
going to get to a number of projects that I’ve just not had the time for in the
past. If that’s the case, I think 2020 will be interesting.
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