2020 is Only 20 Days Away (Give or Take 8 Days)

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I think that rather than have a
New Year’s Resolution that I’m just going to have a New Decade’s Resolution. I
have plans that I’ve already started on that will come to fruition in about
five to seven years. Also, there’s nothing specific for me to start or quit on
January 1, 2020, so I’m good. I mean, I really do believe that I should make an
Agenda of playing a lot of Net Runner this year, and I think that if there is
any year that Nathan and I should watch “Johnny Pneumonic” on its release
anniversary, 2020 is that year.

Ok, I think I may have one goal
for the year. I would like to post a blog post every day. I’m not talking about
the way that Nathan and I did back in 2011 where we switched out, but that I
would like to post a blog post that I wrote every day. This year was a good
learning time for me on how to write shorter blog posts. Back in 2011, I could
have never done a post every day, because I would write 2,000 to 3,000 word
posts sometimes. Lately, I’ve been trying to keep it at about 1,000 or less.
Sometimes this means breaking up thoughts into multiple posts, but that’s ok. I
get to use links. And who doesn’t like to use links… Sigh.
So that’s probably what I’m going
to do in 2020. Somewhere around April or May, I will be putting some other
internet and social media things in high gear as well. In the meantime, I’m
getting together some money to help free up my schedule a bit when I need it
for projects. I hope everyone had a good 2019, and that everyone has a good
2020. Seriously, you should play at least one game of Net Runner.

AFI – Prelude12/21
[Is there something I should know or have I just seen too much?]

Chris McGinty is a blogger who
just publicly stated goals. Such a bad idea.

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