The Problem with Doing a Daily Blog with Time Constraints

I think that if the daily blog
was the only thing that I had going on, or if somehow I could make it my true
priority, it wouldn’t matter that I have a full time job. When you add a number
of other projects to the mix, add sleep to the mix, and then have a full time
job, you eventually find yourself with not enough time before work because you
slept a little longer than you planned.
This is why my true goal over the
next couple of years is to get to a place where I can properly schedule my
creative work. The weekend is a very tough time because I work the bulk of my
weekly hours over the course of three days. I actually dictated into
speech-to-text two potential blog posts for today. The problem is that I don’t
have the time to edit either and get to work on time.
If there is a takeaway from this,
it’s that you can probably only ever have one true priority. Also, it’s the
reason I’m not a fan of streak habits. Saying that I wanted to post a blog
every day feels like a mistake because then I end up with a post like this. But
when I don’t have such a habit in place, I sometimes end up not posting for two
months. Sigh.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
doesn’t have time to write a blurb.

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