Sports Ball Update

by Chris McGinty of

At the beginning of the season, I
used a dice app to make a 32-sided die and randomly chose my favourite sportsball teams. I mostly forgot about the whole thing and just rooted for my dad’s
team, the Steelers. And by the way, my dad probably mostly thought that my
rooting for the Steelers was sardonic, because it mostly was. I want my dad to
happy, but I don’t care about sports. I was recently informed that it’s time
for the playoffs. Apparently, the Steelers aren’t in the playoffs, but I
thought I might check in to see how well my randomly selected teams did. For
this, I will need to do a Wikipedia search that will probably cause me to get
sports updates on my phone for the next three weeks. Hey Google! Don’t waste
your time.
Anthrax – NFL
First of all, I see that my
favourite team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t make it to the playoffs. They
didn’t even try! That’s me being indignant.
Here’s what got me thinking that
I needed to check up on things. First off, it’s a blog post. Who cares what I’m
writing about? Second, my dad was watching the Vikings play the Saints in
overtime. I know all about overtime. I’m getting about ten hours of overtime
this week. Anyway, I could remember that my top two teams were the Buccaneers
and the Saints. I couldn’t really remember much beyond that. I knew that the
Vikings were somewhere around 10 or 12 on my list, because I have a friend who
is a Vikings fan, and she’s probably pretty happy today. I saw that admittedly
great catch that that guy made that got them in scoring range. Of course, I
couldn’t be happy about it because according to my list I was rooting for the
Saints. And the Saints lost, so I don’t know who I’m rooting for now. Who is
the highest team on my list who is still in?
Here’s who was in at the start of the playoffs and their
position on my list:
2. New Orleans Saints
3. Greenbay Packers
6. Tennessee Titans
10. Kansas City Chiefs
12. Minnesota Vikings
15. Buffalo Bills
18. San Francisco 49ers
22. New England Patriots
25. Houston Texans
29. Seattle Seahawks
30. Philadelphia Eagles
32. Baltimore Ravens
If I’m reading this right:
The Texan beat the Bills.
The Titans beat the Patriots.
The Vikings beat the Saints.
The Seahawks are leading the Eagles at halftime.
And this is how much I understand this crap. They listed 12
teams being in, but that’s only 8 teams. Where did the other four teams go? Did
they get beat some other time? Ok, I think I get it. Maybe. The top two teams
in each division didn’t play this week. They play the winners of this week next
week. Oh, who cares? I need to go to work.
Chris McGinty is a blogger. Note that I didn’t say Chris
McGinty is a blogger and a sports fan. There’s a reason for that.

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