Chris McGinty, Modern Philosopher

by Chris McGinty of

I’ve decided that I’m one of the
great modern philosophers. I base this on the fact that I did a search of the
most notable modern philosophers, and out of a list of 50 people, I’d heard of
none of them. I figure that if the requirement to be a well-known modern philosopher
is to be somebody that no one has ever heard of (based on my own anecdotal
experience) then I fit the description. Ain’t nobody ever heard of me.

I suppose that if I’m going to
prove myself as a modern philosopher then I need to say some philosophical things.
Let’s try this:
No one likes the song “Play that
Funky Music,” they just equate it with good times. If you disagree with this,
ask yourself is “Brick House” the better song of the two. I won’t even say “if
you think so,” because I know you think so.
Sorry. Modern philosophers
sometimes have to get into controversial territory.
Let’s try another one:
If you want to do something in
life then just start doing it. What people sometimes mean is that they want to
get paid for it, so they can do the thing they like when their energy is at its
height, not after they’ve worked a full day. If your goals are mostly based
around money, you’ll often feel that money is in between you and happiness.
Ok, I got that one off of a cereal
box. Sorry about that, Edie.
Let’s try one last one for the
Question everything.
That’s all I have for today.
Thank you for reading.
Chris McGinty is a blogger, which
is pretty much synonymous with modern philosopher.

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