Songs Nathan Might Like #1 – Nathan’s Responses

by Nathan (of

Yes, Chris loves to make me watch videos on his phone when come over. This or on my PC if we happen to be sitting at my desk.

Chris does know the stuff I like and pushes me to things he thinks I would like but might have never listened to before (which is a great many things).

My favorite generes of music are:

1.) 80’s pop… popular pop (wait, what?) aka top 100 mostly.
2.) A little bit of late 70’s pop.
3.) 40’s and some 30’s.
4.) Electronic, and by that I mean Kraftwerk, Information Society, most anything where keyboards are featured heavily.
5.) Classical.
6.) A teenie tiny bit of country (mainly old old stuff and little bit of early 80s’).
7.) Disney Parks soundtrack. I love me some ambient stuff.

That’s a lot of weirdness. Anyway, along with Chris’ efforts I will post a couple of songs out of my list of likes.

First off Chris posted: Hoodoo Gurus – I Want You Back

I liked it. I liked the ‘ah ah ah’ part of the song. That sounds snarky but I’m serious. Is this a band I would start searching for, probably not but but it was good.

Next is Devo – Going Under (Dance

Very electronic. I like. Devo is probably a band I would thoroughly like if I got into their catalog. It is very Information Society-like (which was probably inspired by Devo). I will check out the album Chris suggests is a must listen.
Finally we have Weird “Al” Yankovic – Dare to Be

Ah the days of middle school. I member when Transformers the Movie came out and this was the kid rage at the time. It’s kind of weird cause it doesn’t really fit in with the movie but whatever, it was designed to appeal to kids and it worked in spades. My friend James got me into Weird Al albums years ago. There is a kind of comfort in the wacky songs on his albums. I don’t know how to describe it. You probably aren’t going to have him on a loop in your car but it’s good stuff that makes you smile. I really enjoyed ‘Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White’ and ‘Velvet Elvis’.

Here are a couple of songs I like. This first one is thanks to Chris. He got me into Thomas Dolby’s non-hits and I really started listening to his album The Flat Earth. This is the biggest hit off the album:

Next up is Patsy Cline’s Back in Baby’s Arms. I am sure this has probably been on a bazillion movies and commercials but I stumbled across it while listening to a Patsy Cline playlist on Youtube. It is a little more of an upbeat song that is catchy.

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