Some songs Nathan likes (mostly vocoder edition)

by Nathan Stout (of

As I sit here working in this new reality, comfy in my shorts I wanted to take a break and present you all with some music that I like. In my last post, which was a response to Chris post I listed the types of music I liked. Here are a few songs and some stories as how they relate to me. I also noted (thanks to this post that I found all of these in 2011).

Galatica – Rockets

I have talked about how I accidentally found this song in past blog post(s) but I thought I’d do it again. I was just getting into Kraftwerk and was on YouTube, atuo-playing songs that were ‘related’ to Kraftwerk and low and behold this crazy song comes on… Obviously not American, probably from the late 70’s and very Silver, Galatica by the Rockets ‘rocked’ my world. As I have stated before I think it was the vocoder that did it for me. Enjoy this crazy thing:

I found a few more of their songs that I really liked: On the Road Again (cover), Future Games, Atomic, Finally this very ‘unlike Rockets’ song Don’t Give Up. It drips with 80’s goodness (without the silver paint). They are a French band BTW.

Robot – David Zed

I’m not going to go into great detail here because I wrote about how I found him, he met the Pope as his robot persona, and interviewed him in this post. Just know this first video is the one someone added subtitles to (which got me watching it in the first place). Go read that post, it is quite a strange tale.

Here is a link to a much higher fidelity version.

Finally for today I give you Kraftwerk. I have chosen their most well known song. Not my absolute personal favorite of the bunch of this is the one that gets the most notice. The Robots – Kraftwerk:

Here is a modern concert version of the song. I bought this DVD, it is great.
While the Rockets and David Zed are ‘revisit every once in awhile’ artists, Kraftwerk are a regular listening pleasure. So different, so unorthodox, a little underground (if you will). I was blessed to see them a few years ago in Dallas where I swear I was the youngest guy in the audience (and I was in my mid 40’s). I highly recommend you give their YouTube playlist a try.
So what do all these things have in common, yep, the vocoder.

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