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Darn plastic, so EXPENSIVE! (Star Wars figures)

(Ive added my Amazon Referral links in this article so be a dear and buy stuff through my links! Just…

A.I. will ruin EVERYTHING

I am shamelessly piggybacking off of Chris’ post, but no one reads this stuff anyway, so why worry? Anyway, I…

Goodwill Bins Haul 11/16/22

Went to the Fort Worth Goodwill Outlet with my wife on this fine Wednesday and wound up buying too much….

Goodwill Bins Haul 11/7/22

So getting down to Fort Worth to the bins has basically become a twice yearly thing. My dentist is about…

Audio Show: 2-17-02

Audio Show: 9-26-01

Part 1 LOST Part 2 LOST

Audio Show: 9-12-01

Audio Show: 8-15-01

Audio Show: 8-1-01

Nathan’s angry blog (internet ruins everything edition)

So many things are irritating me right now, so please excuse my ranting for just a moment… Someone replaced the…