Hello Blog Readers (aka Chris) & Facebook Sux

My suggestion is you put your daily writing into drafts and schedule them out one every other day or something (uh, Blog readers…).

Also Blog readers… the job search continues as I cling to my current employer waiting for the ax to fall.

I stumbled onto a Roller Coaster Tycoon FB group and was excited. Then I posted (what I thought) a short 50 word post about how we used to play RCT and part of the fun was naming rides, parks, staff. It added a level of fun that really gave the game a new aspect of interest. Infact, we talk more about those levels than any normal park we ever made… more than 10 years after playing it.


I wasn’t seeing a notice saying my post was added to the page. After a few days I went to ‘my content’ in that group and it say my post was ‘Declined’.

Honestly my post was ontopic and infact an interesting aspect of the game that no one else talks about (the renaming of things to add flavor).

What’s wrong with people in power? It’s all about control.

Never the less, I left the group.

On a Roller Coaster Tycoon note, there is a Open Source version of RCT2 online that only requires that you have RTC2 installed on your PC. It is an updated version (with better resolution options, fix bugs, speed up options, etc) but basically the same game. Try it out Chris! (uh, I mean Blog Readers…)
Pick the Windows x64 Installer.

PS Blog Readers… I think we should do a week long RCT Blog Series. Memories, Tips, Tricks, etc…

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