Flash Fiction: Subtlety Melter

by Chris McGinty

There was a parade of crazy things coming through the trans-dimensional portal. It was the kind of thing that would make Dr.Suess scratch his head and wonder why. We imagine that other worlds would be the same as this world that we live in. We expect little tweaks of course, like a different band being the equivalent of the most famous from here. And as quickly as all the spectacle emerged and blew the minds of all who saw; they all went back from where they came as though they were never convinced about this head space. The scientists wasted no time arguing about theory, principle, and law. They poured over every hypothesis and speculation never knowing they were on the edge of every unsolved case. What they don’t realize is that some things would never even exist to begin. The things we could see were simply bizarre, quaint, literally out of this world, and queer. They were the kinds of things that no one in our world could consider normal. If I could describe it I would, but those who knew would think it foolish to even try.

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