Unpacking and Finding

by Chris McGinty

I was watching a video about this thing that existed earlier and I thought to myself, I’ve already written about that. It wasn’t in the way that the video presented itself. The video was actually pretty good. The blog post in question was ok.

That’s not the point though. The point is that there’s a step removed from that subject matter and that step removed is one way that I approach creativity. Everything is important even if it is never used and everything is connected even if you never find out why.

In this way, I leave clues everywhere. There’s this little [redacted] that seems to notice them before I do. I’m the one that leaves them though. It’s all me. That little fucker couldn’t leave a clue if it punched him in his motherfucking [redacted] face.

I was thinking about making art earlier. You never get back to a feeling you had at one point. You never get back to stylistic naivety. Sure, you can write something terrible. I do it all the time. I might be doing it right now. I think I’m going at a bit of the mone and I’m going at a different group. You can’t get back to when you were inherently bad after you’ve improved though. It’s that riding a bike thing. You might be shaky at first if you haven’t mounted one for a while, but you never forgot. You can’t unlearn what you’ve learned.

You suggest that you could forget what you learned. No you [redacted] fucker. You’re not paying attention. Even what you forgot is remembered. Everything is impish rhetoric everything is a composite of competent. Please don’t make me repeat myself.

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