Yes, I believe US elections are rigged…

I don’t think they are rigged by a cabal of evil, rich men sitting around a Dr. Strangelove-esque table, but I believe there are enough organizations that play with people’s perceptions and downright lie to influence the masses. In some cases those people are people in power and through social media (or traditional media) they break the laws (or in some cases, activism law makers, change the laws) to unjustly influence elections and disenfranchise legal voters.

And as a side note, requiring someone to show ID to vote is not disenfranchising, it’s simple common sense.

True, politics is pretty much a game of perception manipulation and I believe the public record of those who are vying for office should be what everyone focuses.

What laws did they vote for, push, or create? How did they handle this situation (or that situation)? Candidates should stand solely on their records and not promises (cause as we see, they break these quite often).

What about the conspiracy of physical rigging (as in voting machines)? I absolutely believe it is anyone’s right to question the use of any technology (including punching machines). To dismiss or belittle someone simply because they don’t trust a method is perception manipulation. How often have we seen conspiracy theories turn out to be true?

What about ballot stuffing? Don’t believe it, look up any number of videos on YouBoob and you will see many examples caught on tape (not people talking about it but actual footage). If one ballot is stuffed, you can claim an election is rigged because it is not an honest count.

What can we do to ensure an honest vote? Here are some common sense solutions. Not popular, but common sense.

  • Eliminate Early voting.
  • Eliminate mail in voting. Cut federal budgets and reroute budgets to address this.
  • Eliminate all but physical in person voting. Cut federal budgets and reroute budgets to address this.
  • ID must be presented to vote.
  • Technology used in voting must be publicly audited and transparent.

I hear Uncle Sam say… great, lets create a national digital ID so people can vote with ease and safety! Not so fast Sammy… that’s putting all your eggs in one basket. America is not about that, then only a few people would need to be on the inside to manipulate outcomes. One great thing about our crazy system is that there is never enough co-conspiracy to successfully pull off fraud, some people are always getting caught.

Above all else, the Republic needs to get it’s people to vote. So few people make the decision for so many people in this nation.

And as always, remember, it’s is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

AI apparently thinks we are going to add a few more states soon…

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