Chris visited last night

Just a quick blog (aren’t all my blogs quick?) about Chris’ visit last night.

It’s been more than a year since I have seen him in person last. Chris arrived after some Uber Eats work while he made his way out to the house. We chatted about this and that, work, life, comics.

We played a game of Backgammon (after having to once again refer to multiple sources on the position of the stones at the start of the game).

Afterwards we at dinner and talked more. I showed him the house I am selling on Zillow, a new project I am working on getting produced via our Chinese friends in China, and finally some of the new features of Open Roller Coaster 2. I am hoping we will do some blogs about it or do some sort of level together.

We also talked about some horror movies, Kubrick, King, and Chris regaled me with tales of reaction videos.

I kicked him out fairly early since I was crosseyed from having woken up so early that morning.

Our get together was more along the lines of a social call and little ‘business’ was done. Now that I am closer, we will have more occasions to gather for more formal meetings.

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