My next 20 years…

Thanks to Chris for his therapy work… your check is in the mail.

Isn’t funny to think we were having these same sorts of conversations 10+ years ago and still didn’t achieve our goals. That just shows you how we (as a society) get stuck in our ruts (or as Chris likes to say: ‘our comfort zones’) and never do much more. If you have ever heard of the term ‘your station in life’… it’s really true. Transformation out of your ‘station in life’ is really a big deal.

So let me set the stage for my next 20 years so when I am 70 I can look back and say: ‘I didn’t get anywhere even when I planned it out. Damn, get me my Geritol.’

I am planning on:

  • Buying two more vehicles (if they hold out as long as my current one has).
    • I laughed because I saw a Honda Ridgeline (similar to a Ranger) the other day and it was 43k. WUT?! I bought my 2011 F150 for 19k…………..
  • Buying one more house (Chris, stop your sniggering).
  • Obtaining one more job. It need only last about 15 years (or I need to come to terms with my current one).

What I want:

  • Financial independence.
  • My kids in college (not ‘real’ college, but realistic college).
  • In retirement.
  • Living in a paid off house.
  • In decent health.

Here is a ‘I feel I gotta do something with my life’ post from 2010

Now onto trivial junk:

  • How high were the people that made the movie Xanadu?
    • The only reason I even consider watching bits of it is Olivia Newton John doing the only dance move she knows.
  • Disney was just voted biggest tourist trap. I agree for the most part. The problem is that I think that most people going are repeat visitors so they know exactly how much it is going to cost them (so I am not sure it is a trap). A standard 3 day trip (with hotel) to WDW would be around 3k total while a similar 3 day trip to somewhere like Silver Dollar City would be about 1k. I would say Vegas or New York would be actual tourist traps (lots of upselling/extra costs in those places you didn’t expect).

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