Clicker Heroes – Real tips

So if you have played this game you have probably searched online for tips, understanding, and tricks. I know I have. The issues you run into are 1.) the info is out of date 2.) the tips are confusing if you are newer to the game. In this post I am going to give you some basic tips I have used without the mathematical jargon or acronyms or speak like you know how the game works.

These tips are from me playing on my ipad. I do not know if the PC version works any differently.

Game flow:

  • Tap (or click) on monsters to kill and advance to level 100 to get the game actually rolling…
  • In order to have enough power to kill those monsters, you need to keep upgrading your Heroes.
  • It slow and you have to stay ontop of the game and keep tapping your screen for that first 100 levels.
  • There is automatic damage that happens even if you don’t tap called DPS. That is helpful (later) but early on you need to tap. As the game progresses, you have to reply on DPS even if you are tapping.
  • After you reach level 100 you start collecting Hero Souls when you run into a boss (bosses appear at the end of a level (after 10 monsters).
  • Not every boss has Hero Souls to collect. Only bosses called Primal Bosses.
  • Once you have a few Hero Souls you can, when you want to, Ascend, allowing you to keep the Hero Souls you won and spend them on Ancients who upgrade your attacks and such.
  • When you Ascend, the game resets back to level 1 and you start all over. You then can use the Hero Souls to upgrade to make things faster (make your Heroes more powerful).
  • You keep doing this, collecting more and more Hero Souls.
  • When you collect so many Hero Souls you win Ancient Souls (you cannot access these yet).
  • When you are ready, you can Transcend and collect those Ancient Souls, the game resets again (but this time you loose all accumulated Hero Souls and other upgrades and start at Zero with only those Ancient Souls and some new strength from the Transcending (speeds things up a tiny bit).
  • Spend the Ancient Souls to the Outsiders who give you even more powers/abilities/bonuses. They mostly upgrade your Ancients.
  • Rinse, Repeat.
  • You just keep trying to gain more and more Ancient Souls and Transcendent Power and get higher and higher in level and get more and more Heroes.

The first Ascension (getting some Hero Souls banked after level 100) is slow. Just slog though. Even after you Transcend (reset the game to collect Ancient Souls to spend on Outsiders for bigger bonuses) that first Ascension is still slow. After you get that initial Ascension done, it will go much faster.

So other sites tell you that there are 2 methods to playing this game… idle or active (Clicking). they all say pick one. I suggest you mix them as needed to get your self further along.

Begin by never spending rubies (collect them whenever possible) and buy clickers, even if you don’t use them now.

Spend your VERY FIRST collected Hero Souls (right after your first Ascension) on some idle DPS bonuses. There is one main one (Siyalatas, the mushroom guy).

You will also want to focus on 2 more Ancients: Atman (the black heart) and ‎Kumawakamaru (the black blob). Kumawakamaru will speed up your Ascensions dramatically (by reducing the number of monsters per level and Atman will dramatically increase the amount of Hero Souls you obtain when beating a Primal Boss (the bosses at the end of a level that give you Hero Souls). Really focus on these 2 Ancients for the next several Ascensions. Then, when you can get thorough an Ascension really fast and have a lot of Hero Souls, then you can start getting other Ancients.

So when Ascending, you fight until you can’t get past a boss. You’ve tried everything you can and you just can’t get past him. this is make or break time. You start using all your skills that you unlocked as well as switching to idle/active to see if that helps you. You are basically trying to ‘push though’ at this point. If you have some extra Hero Souls, you can begin boosting your Ancients to see which will affect your current push.

Your Mercenaries are very important (the guys you send out on missions to get stuff). Money is a big one, next is Hero Souls, and don’t forget Relics. I never bother with Skills.

As you progress you will find that Relics can be your key to breaking through when you get stuck. There are a couple of really powerful combos that a relic can give you that no skill or Ancient will alone. For instance:

  • Relics that give you extra money while using Golden Taps. Add that to the doubling Skill and add that to the Ancient (Kleptos, the gold covered hand) that gives you longer skill time and you have a powerful tool!

So pay close attention to the relics you get. Most you get aren’t that great but as you progress you get better and better ones. Here’s another Relic tip… send a Mercenary on a Relic Quest and when he is done, just wait to collect the Quest until you are at a really high level, you will get a better relic(s). This works on all Quests.

The game will basically plateau at some point, Ascending just won’t produce enough Hero Souls to get you anywhere. The game wants to you to Transcend. Instead, you can just Respec your Ancient Souls and try a different form of attack (say switching from idle to active… aka don’t put Hero Souls into guys like Mushroom guy, but into Bhaal instead). You do lose some Hero Souls doing this but it can help you push through further (for a bit anyway).

Transcending tips: Once you Transcend everything starts speeding up. Your initial Ascension (after Transcending is still slow but a bit less). Once you Ascend that first time, things really start speeding up. Anyway here is where I dump my Ancient Souls… Ponyboy is first and foremost, give him most (the one who gives you more Hero Souls). Then give a couple to Borb to help you speed up Kumawakamaru who speeds up the whole game. Give a couple to Rahgeist to speed up Atman (more frequent Primal Bosses). Those are the main 3 to focus on first. Then give a couple to Sen-Akhan to advance Dora (for more treasure chests), and couple to K’Ariqua… however let’s discuss this…

K’Ariqua advances the affects of the Ancient Bubos who will reduce the strength of bosses. I have read that at some point you should stop feeding Ponyboy and feed K’Ariqua. Ponyboy’s effect begins to get less and less effective and you will need really weaken bosses via K’Ariqua/Bubos. The focus to advance K’Ariqua seems to need to begin after you get Ponyboy to level 10 or 12. Stop advancing Ponyboy and start advancing K’Ariqua/Bubos.

OK, these tips should get you up through the hero Tsuchi. I have finally made it past him to Skogur but I didn’t really breakthrough after unlocking him. It was just kind of business as usual.

Let me know if you have any other info I may need to pass to the masses!

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