Oh dear oh dear oh dear

While Chris chases writing nirvana I have been chasing normalcy in my life. With the selling of my employer and my career getting lost in the shuffle we attempted to sell our house out East and move back to the DFW area. That deal fell through at the last moment so I now I am stuck with a mortgage on a house I am not living in (living at my mom’s) and searching for a job at the same time.

Like I said earlier, this is a year of pulling back (not out, Chris, stop your sniggering) and that seems to be in full swing. I had a glimmer of hope when I was down to the final 2 of a new job back in the career of my choice but was denied there… then this house thing… sheesh. I must have walked under a ladder, dropped a mirror whilst a black cat ran across my path at some point in the last few months.

I’m not complaining. I still have a job (for how long, who can say) and I things are still ok (just all mixed up a bit).

However at times like this it makes you take a step back and see your life (and the life of a consumer in general) with more clarity that one normally does.

Why are we here?

What’s the point and or goal of your life?

Why does it all rotate around money and jobs?

How can you get out of that rat race?

How can nearly 8 billion people be in the exact same boat?

How can some brat on Youtube make crap videos and get to circumvent a lifetime of drudgery?

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