Flash Fiction: Eventual Confirmation

by Chris McGinty

For decades, he had been saying what he knew and that it was true. People doubted him. His friends and family turned on him. It took a little bit longer, but eventually he lost his job, and survived on low income employment.

When the internet became available to the masses, new life and evidence started to support what he had been saying. There were still skeptics, of course. There were still those who didn’t believe, and those who didn’t believe had a louder voice. But he kept saying the truth because he knew it was the truth.

Today when he woke up, everything that he had said was finally justified. It was all over the news. Sure, they weren’t mentioning him by name, because he was never really known by the public. The reporting still showed that everything he’d said had been valid all along. And for this reason, he started and ended his day, which lasted for only about 30 minutes, by putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

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